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Bathroom Competitions

The Best Bathroom Competitions

Looking for the best bathroom competitions? Then you have come to the right place. We regularly update this page with the top bathroom competitions that we can find on the internet. Keep checking in now and then to see if we have found some more great competitions.

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Popular Bathroom Competition FAQs

What types of bathroom competitions exist?

You can win all kinds of things from bathroom competitions. From a few hundred pounds towards some new bathroom fittings to a complete bathroom transformation, there are so many great bathroom competitions out there so keep your eyes peeled!

Is it safe to enter online bathroom competitions?

Like with all things we do online you must do your due diligence. Some can be fake and developed to simply gather your personal information. In the home and bathroom industry, for example, you will usually know the household names and therefore be able to trust that their competitions are legit. For more information on how to check whether a competition or raffle is legit, be sure to check out the Gambling Commissions website.

Are there any free bathroom competitions?

Many of the bathroom competitions online are free. There are some that may ask you to pay a small fee to enter, like a raffle, for example. But with many of them, you simply have to provide your name and email address to enter the competition.

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