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Our Rymerce Ionic Shower Head Review

Our Rymerce Ionic Shower Head Review

  • based on 2,500+ ratings

  • based on 2,500+ ratings


1 Year Warranty

  • based on 2,500+ ratings

Specifications of the Rymerce Ionic Shower Head

The Rymerce Ionic Shower Head is one of the best shower heads at the moment – and for good reason. This ionic shower head is great as either a replacement or upgrade and can be used with any type of shower. This shower head is quite interesting and its concept is fairly new. It features both ionic and mineral balls that act as a type of filter that removes traces of chlorine and other unhelpful things in the water – turning it into a spa-like shower experience. In addition, it offers a whopping 200% increase in water flow while using 30% less water providing a massive saving in cost and water usage.

This shower head gives you the choice of three spray patterns – which include; Rainfall, Jet or Massage. Each one is selected by clicking the rocker switch on the shower head. For instance, each time you press it, it will click which confirms it has been changed to an alternative pattern. The nozzle is easily cleaned as it is “rub clean” and so is easier to clean than most shower heads – especially when removing limescale and other forms of dirt and debris. This Rymerce Ionic shower head handheld also comes with a 1 Year UK Warranty for peace of mind. In addition, this shower head comes with a free 6 month refill of the mineral balls.


  • 1 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty for peace of mind
  • Plenty of spray patterns
  • Unique ionic design and type of spray patterns allow you to turn your shower into a spa experience


  • You will need to replace the balls every 6 months or so


  • Brand: Rymerce
  • Model: B076VJYSYF
  • Weight: 422g
  • Colour: Transparent
  • Dimensions: 235mm x 80mm
  • Fixtures Supplied: Fixtures Supplied
  • No. of Spray Patterns: 3
  • Suitable Systems: Suitable for Domestic Hot and Cold Water Systems

Popular Rymerce Ionic Shower Head FAQs

Q: How do I Install my Rymerce Shower Head?

A: It is actually very simple to install this ionic filtration shower head. You simply unscrew the existing one and screw on your new one. Before you screw on the new shower head, please be careful not to forget to use the rubber (or plastic) washer included as it keeps the connection secure while ensuring that water is less likely to leak! Luckily all the big brands (including this Rymerce Ionic shower head model) are a universal fit so you shouldn’t have any issues installing your new shower head.

Q: How do I Change the Ionic Mineral balls?

A: It is actually fairly simple to replace the ionic mineral balls. Here are some instructions:

Rymerce shower head instructions for changing mineral balls

  1. Unscrew from the stem and remove the chrome ring
  2. Next remove the washer
  3. Empty the first set of mineral balls
  4. Now remove the second washer and remove the second set of mineral balls
  5. Next get your refill pick and fill up the shower head
  6. Make sure you screw on securely so that none fall out

Q: How do I Select the Spray Patterns on my Ionic Shower Head?

A: As mentioned above there are three modes: Rainfall, Jet and Massage. Here is how to select each one:

Rainfall: Press the switch at the bottom of the shower head
Massage: Press so that the switch is in the middle of the shower head
Jet: Press the switch at the top of the shower head

Q: How do I Clean my Ionic Shower Head?

A: Most of these brands design their shower heads to have rub off finishes. What I mean by that is, you can simply wipe the shower head off with a sponge or a j cloth to clean it and remove limescale. This particular shower head has a removable plate which allows you to clean underneath and give it a good clean.

Q: How Often Should I Clean my Shower Head?

A: As mentioned above, Rymerce advise that it depends on the frequency of use. If it is used fairly often then it may be best to clean it weekly. It is best to clean your shower head frequently, otherwise, your shower head could get blocked or broken. I checked out all the Rymerce Ionic shower head reviews online and couldn’t see anyone that had any issues with cleaning it. Most shower heads are designed to last but it is still something you should regularly do. I wipe my shower head fairly often. As well as this I carry out the White Vinegar method mentioned above every 6 months or so, to make sure it is nice and clean internally.

Q: How do I remove the Spray Plate?

A: It is important that before you remove it to turn off the unit at the mains supply to avoid the shower being accidentally switched on! Once this has been done here are the steps (as per the Rymerce Ionic shower head manual):

  1. Unscrew the large chrome ring (they sometimes can be put on fairly tightly).
  2. Remove the metal plate and the large washer
  3. Then replace with your new plate
  4. Screw on metal plate and large washer

Q: How Often Should I Change the Hose?

A: Rymerce advises to check it fairly often for any signs of damage or internal collapse on your shower hoses. Internal collapse is an issue that can restrict the flow of water from the shower head which could lead to damaging the shower – more so with an electric shower.

How to inspect the Shower Hose
  1. Unscrew the hose from the shower head and the shower outlet.
  2. Inspect the hose for damage, internal kinks, etc.
  3. If necessary, replace the hose.

And that completes this Rymerce Ionic Shower Head review. Be sure to let us know of any questions or your opinion of this great ionic shower head.