About Us - Our Story

One day I wanted to finally get started on our bathroom of our new house but as we all know unless you are an expert, you will not know where to start or what to do etc. I took to the internet to see if I could find some product guides or reviews, but what I found was that most of these guides had not been updated in years! A lot of the guides made no sense and it seemed odd that the commonly recurring theme was that they all recommended products that were either too expensive or actually just not good products. Things like very poor review score as well as very worrying feedback from verified customers. It was then that I realised that if I am struggling to find a simple guide on a shower head, that there must be thousands (if not more) people struggling with the same issue I had! Enter Perfect Bathroom!

I launched PerfectBathroom on December 1st 2020 (so not very long ago – hence the lack of content at the moment! Bare with me!). I thought up the idea over Christmas and knew that it was something I had to do – I had to do something about this problem. One of my aims is that a family member says “Do you know any good websites for bathroom product reviews and guides?” and I will be able to refer them here!

One thing I found was that most of these websites are filled with incredibly poor content which is a very poor experience for you the visitor. It is for this reason that I aim and promise to ensure the very best user experience while you are reading our guides and blogs!