The Best Bathroom Extractor Fan in 2023

The Best Bathroom Extractor Fan in 2023

Many people, including me (currently), do not have a bathroom extractor fan. My partner and I have lived in our new home for just over a year now and realised we didn’t have one. At first, we thought oh well, but soon after realised we needed it. We realised we needed one recently after seeing all the mildew and mould that started to develop on the walls of our bathroom. It was then that I realised while carrying out my own research into getting one that I’d create a post about picking the best bathroom extractor fan! Enjoy!

Our Best Bathroom Extractor Fan Picks

1) Envirovent Silent 100 HT Bathroom Extractor Fan

Envirovent Silent 100 HT Bathroom Extractor Fan

For our best bathroom fan and top of our list, we have the Envirovent Silent 100 HT Bathroom Extractor Fan Humidistat & Timer. This model comes with all the requirements I’d look for in a bathroom extractor fan: Overrun Timer, Back-draught shutter, low SPF rating, low decibels level of 26.5 – the lot. It even comes with its own humidistat. This bathroom extractor fan deserves it spot at the top. Being an Envirovent product means you benefit from a 5-year guarantee.

Key Features

  • Back-draught Shutter
  • Overrun Timer
  • Humidity Sensor
  • 5 Year Guarantee

2) Manrose QF100T Bathroom Extractor Fan

Manrose QF100T Bathroom Extractor Fan

Next up and second on the list, we have the Manrose QF100T Bathroom Extractor Fan. This is a great extractor fan and meets all my recommendations: it is powerful, very energy-efficient, quiet, has an overrun timer and a back draught shutter. Looking at all these features makes you think “I bet it is expensive?” well you are wrong! It is very competitively priced and really does deserve the 2nd best bathroom fan spot!

Key Features

  • Back-draught Shutter
  • Overrun Timer
  • 3 Year Warranty

3) Manrose MF100T Bathroom Extractor Fan with Timer

Manrose MF100T Bathroom Extractor Fan with Timer

Next on the list is the Manrose MF100T Bathroom Extractor Fan. This model packs some serious power with a massive extraction rate of between 50 – 64 (at max speed). You’d think that with this much power it must have a very high SPF rating but it actually has a low rating of 0.37. It does use quite a bit of power to run this model with a power usage of 25W.

This product comes with a 3-year warranty or 30,000 hours! One thing to note is that since it is an in-line bathroom extractor fan, you will need to buy both a vent or grill for the inside wall or ceiling of your bathroom plus another for the outside wall.

Key Features

  • Overrun Timer
  • 3 Year Guarantee or 30,000 Hours
  • Very powerful

4) Envirovent SIL100T Bathroom Extractor Fan

Envirovent SIL100T Bathroom Extractor Fan

You may have noticed that the Envirovent SIL100T Bathroom Extractor Fan is very similar to our top pick and that is because you are correct! This model is in fact the next one down from the SIL100HT. This model does everything that the top pick model does minus the expensive humidistat. It, therefore, means quite a bit of saving if you do opt for this model as opposed to the other model.

Key Features

  • Back-draught Shutter
  • Overrun Timer
  • 5 Year Guarantee

5) Xpelair C4TS Bathroom Extractor Fan

Xpelair C4TS Bathroom Extractor Fan

At number 5 we have the Xpelair C4TS Bathroom Extractor Fan. This model has one of the lowest Decibel levels in the market of only 16dB! It has two speeds, which make the extraction rate go from 15ltr/s to 21ltr/s. This of course means it will vary in terms of SPF rating, noise level etc. It also comes with an overrun timer and features a 1 year warranty. For it’s price you cannot go wrong.

Key Features

  • Has 2 Speeds (15ltr/s + 21ltr/s)
  • Built-in timer
  • 2 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

6) Airflow iCON ECO Bathroom Extractor Fan

Airflow iCON ECO Bathroom Extractor Fan

The Airflow iCON ECO Bathroom Extractor Fan comes in at number 4 and is a popular one indeed – and for good reason. This product is quite contemporary with its unique iris-like shutter that prevents back-draught and operates in silence. It is important to note that with this model you need to purchase the specific modules you require. Airflow provide a 3-year warranty for this product.

Key Features

  • 3 Year Warranty for peace of mind
  • Decent SPF Rating
  • Silent operating and contemporary iris shutter prevents back-draughts

Features To Look For In A Bathroom Extractor Fan

Extraction Rate – Simply put, this is how much moisture in the air it can get rid of. This is one of the most important factors in regards to determining which fan is the best bathroom extractor fan. Higher extraction rates are great, but if too high can leave you with bad air pressure in your bathroom. This often feels like there is a cold chill in the air, which is the last thing you’d want when getting out of the shower! This of course will play a crucial role in how efficient your extractor fan is.

Decibels (How noisy is it?) – The lower this figure is the better – you want it to run as quietly as possible. I’d recommend looking for a bathroom extractor fan of up to 30db, anything higher will likely drive you insane!

SFP Efficiency – Before today, I had never heard of this SFP thing – and I bet you hadn’t either! SFP stands for Specific Fan Efficiency. SFP is a parameter that measures the energy efficiency of fan air movement systems. Basically, it is a measure of the electricity needed to power a fan, relative to the amount of air that is driven through the fan. Ultimately, the lower the SFP Efficiency rating is, the more energy-efficient the bathroom extractor fan is.

Power Usage – This is important for several reasons. One is that most people these days are giving extra thought as to how eco-friendly their home is. Therefore knowing how much energy your extractor fan drains whilst in use will be helpful towards managing this. It can also be used to give a rough idea of how much the bathroom extractor fan will cost to run in your bathroom.

Humidity Sensor – This is the thing that makes the fan turn on or off automatically when the humidity level of your bathroom reaches a certain point. The great thing with this is that it means you don’t have to manage that yourself by having to flick a switch. Therefore it powers on when it’s actually needed, which is great really. Quite a few of the best extractor fans on the market have a humidity sensor so it is definitely one to look out for.

Back-draught Shutter – A back-draught shutter is something that prevents a back-draught from getting in. Simply put, it prevents those random gusts of wind from blowing back through the extractor fan and into your bathroom, quite self-explanatory really. Definitely, something to look out for as it really helps. Imagine during winter or a cold day and a freezing cold gust of wind comes through into your bathroom while you are brushing your teeth! It is also worth mentioning that you can also fit your own shutter (bought separately if your model doesn’t have one) into the ventilation duct and they are not very expensive at all.

How to Pick the Right Bathroom Extractor Fan

With such a wide variety, how do you even pick the right bathroom extractor? How do you even know which fan you need? Below are some points that I feel will help you be able to understand what you need and make an informed decision from the bathroom extractor fans listed above!

1. Where do you want it to be? – First of all you need to decide where you want it to be. Whether you want it on the wall, on the ceiling or on your window. Most older houses have them above the toilet but I prefer mine over the shower area, but this may not always be possible.

2. Where will the Back-draught Shutter be? – The next thing to decide upon is where you want the back-draught shutter to be. As mentioned above, some extractor fans come with this. If the one you choose does not, then you will need to install one into the ducting or external grill of your bathroom extractor fan.

3. What features do you want it to have? – Next you need to think about the kinds of  features you want. There are all kinds of different features that exist so it comes down to picking what you and your household will need. I’d recommend going for the bathroom extractor fan that meets the following requirements:

  1. a Low SFP rating
  2. a High extraction rate
  3. Includes a back-draught shutter (just a lot easier)

4. Who will install it? – Unfortunately, unless you have the technical knowledge (and necessary qualification), as with any electrical product, you will need to get the product fitted by a Qualified Electrician. However, if you happen to be a qualified electrician yourself then great! I certainly wish I was – I’m sure I’d save a lot more money! Here is a great guide to fitting a bathroom extractor fan.

Do I Need a Bathroom Extractor Fan?

This depends on several factors but most of the time the answer is yes. The risk of not having one means that you run the risk of structural damp and mould in your property – something that can easily cost thousands to repair, which could have been easily avoided with a simple extractor fan.

Modern building regulations require the fitting of such an extractor fan to new build properties for this reason. That said, there are many older buildings that do not have such a fan in place (I know as I recently moved into one!). If this is the case then these are your options:

  1. Install a Window Fan (essentially a hole in your window where a fan fits in)
  2. Install a Ducted Wall Fan (the more common solution, where the air travels through a duct to outside)
  3. Install a Ceiling Bathroom Extractor Fan (can also be ducted too)

How Do I Install a Bathroom Extactor Fan?

The simple answer is if you have to ask then you need to get a Qualified Electrician. As mentioned above if you happen to be one then here is a simple and generic guide on how to do so.

Please note that it will, of course, vary depending on the product you buy so it is advised to check the installation manual that comes with it.

How Much Does it Cost to Install a Bathroom Extractor Ban?

According to several online quote websites, it costs around £250-300 on average to install a bathroom extractor fan. This cost includes things like cost of ducting materials, labour and duration. This figure is merely an estimate and I would advise that you get several quotes from local reputed companies/qualified electricians before making a choice.

What Size of Extractor Fan Do I Need?

This would depend on how big your bathroom is. The standard size of a bathroom extractor fan is 100mm. Therefore a fan this size will be more than suitable and work with most grills and ducting. However, if you have a bigger bathroom you can also get larger fans at 125mm or even 150mm which are most often used for bigger bathrooms or even industrial-scale extraction.

How Do I Clean My Bathroom Extractor Fan?

In order to clean your bathroom extractor fan following these steps:

  1. Turn off the power supply
  2. Detach the grill by removing the screws/clips
  3. Wipe the surfaces using a fairly wet or soapy cloth
  4. Ensure that the fan blades can move freely
  5. Refit the grill cover

Many people also use things like a hoover to pick up dust and dirt from inside but be careful with this method as you may damage your extractor fan!

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