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The Best Grout Brush in 2022

The Best Grout Brush of 2022

  • based on 18,500+ ratings

  • based on 1,000+ ratings

  • based on 18,500+ ratings

Grout can be a tough thing to clean, especially if left for a long time. Quite often you can’t just wipe it with a cloth or sponge as you won’t be able to get into all of those nooks and crannies. In addition, a cloth or sponge simply isn’t abrasive enough. In order to clean your grout effectively and keep it clean, you’ll need a specialized tool – enter the grout brush. In this blog post, we’re going to go over some of the best grout brushes of 2022, all of which are perfect for scrubbing your grout back to its original brilliant white. Let’s get into it!

Our Best Grout Brush Picks

First up we have the OXO Good Grips Deep Clean Brush Set. Cleaning grout, tiles, sink drains, and other surfaces is a breeze with this brush set. They are specifically designed to help you reach the hard-to-clean surfaces that attract dirt build-ups like stubborn mould.

Both brushes come with sturdy nylon bristles that can get into the nooks and crannies around the bathroom and shower tiles. Both the large and small brushes feature a thumb pad that optimizes comfort while allowing you to exert maximum scrubbing force.

Key Features

  1. Comes with 2 grout brushes and a wiper blade
  2. Sturdy nylon bristles and non-slip grip
  3. The bigger brush features a thumb grip on the back
  4. OXO provide a guarantee on their products


  • Brand: OXO
  • Model: 1285700
  • Weight: 68g

Scrubbing grout can be quite an exhausting task, but with the SonicScrubber Household Electrical Cleaning Brush, you can get the job done up to 57% faster. This motorised cleaning brush gets into the hard-to-reach places and it’s an effective tool to use all around the house. Its electrical operation highly benefits folks with physical ailments like arthritis and allows them to get their cleaning done with less effort.

The handheld cleaning tool also comes with interchangeable brush attachments in varied strengths, shapes, and sizes for maximum versatility. It’s a brilliant cleaning brush that gets you better results and the battery-powered operation shouldn’t fool you because the SonicScrubber certainly packs a powerful punch.

Key Features

  1. Powerful motorised cleaning brush
  2. Cleans difficult-to-reach and clean areas easily
  3. Great for those with physical ailments e.g. Arthritis
  4. Ideal for stubborn grout but can be used all over the home


  • Brand: SonicScrubbers
  • Model: SSH3
  • Weight: 320g

The Enyoir Tile Joint Brush 4 in 1 Joint Scrubber set serves a whole range of cleaning tasks. Reach all the little nooks and crannies, grout corners, and edges around the house with these handy brushes. The different sizes give you the flexibility needed to access all the hard-to-clean areas and the scrubbers also offer an easy grip.

The larger brushes are particularly comfortable for folks who have trouble maintaining a firm grip while the smaller bristle brush handles the cleaning around sinks. It’s also a compact and highly portable set that you can move around with or even carry along for a remote cleaning session.

Key Features

  1. Comes with 4 brushes
  2. Bristles are stiff and durable
  3. Ergonomically designed with non-slip handles
  4. M-Layered bristles allows for different applications


  • Brand: Enyoir
  • Model: B079DPHCYQ
  • Weight: 130g

The OXO Good Grips Grout Brush is designed to help you effectively clean your grout, as well as any other small spaces around your house. It features tough bristles that can easily scrub away soap scum, mildew, and scum from your bath or shower tiles.

The soft and comfortable handle is non-slip allowing you to maintain a secure grip even when it’s wet. The thoughtful design allows you to hook the brush on a cabinet for storage or a bucket while cleaning. Perhaps the best part is that the grout cleaner is backed by the OXO better guarantee for repairs and replacements should you have any issues.

Key Features

  1. Tough bristles easily scrub away mildew from grout
  2. Narrow brush design ideal for grout lines
  3. Features non-slip and comfortable handle
  4. OXO provide a guarantee on their products


  • Brand: OXO
  • Model: 37481
  • Weight: 100g

Cleaning all your tiled surfaces around the house is a much easier task with the help of the Addis ComfiGrip Tile Grout Stiff Cleaning Brush. This top grout brush includes stiff but flexible bristles that allow you to get into all the deep, hard-to-reach edges and corners.

With the long handle that incorporates the Addis Comfortgrip and Softgrip features, this grout brush is comfortable with or without gloves on. Combined with a good cleaning solution, minimal scrubbing is needed to restore your grout to top shape with this scrubber. To top things off, this product is backed by the Addis two-year guarantee.

Key Features

  1. Ideal for cleaning most tiled surfaces
  2. Long stiff bristles ideal for grout lines
  3. Features their Comfigrip soft-grip handle
  4. Addis provide a 2-year guarantee


  • Brand: Addis
  • Model: 517703
  • Weight: 77g

The handy Dustpan and Brush Store Grout Tile Brush is precisely what you need to tackle all your home and garden cleaning needs. It works well on small, difficult-to-reach surfaces for an easier cleaning experience. That means that this multi-purpose cleaning brush proves highly effective when dealing with grout, the shower area, vents, door tracks, sink fixtures, your car, and stovetops.

Durability and comfort are enhanced thanks to the rubberized handle, and this brush also features a thumb grip which gives you the ability to exert extra pressure when needed. The brush also comes with a hanging eye for easy storage.

Key Features

  1. Ideal for most tiled surfaces and difficult-to-reach places
  2. Long & stiff bristles perfect for grout lines
  3. Comfortable rubberised handle with thumb grip 
  4. Features hanging eye for easy storage


  • Brand: ‎The Dustpan and Brush Store
  • Model: 102807
  • Weight: 39g

We all encounter the problem of trying to restore grout to its former glory now and then. The Lakeland Home Tile & Grout Brush can get you closer to this reality. It features nylon bristles that make it easy to shift grime and mildew. This brush is an effective cleaning tool for use on and around taps, as well as stovetops and other tough-to-clean surfaces.

Equipped with a comfortable soft-grip handle, you can easily tackle tiled surfaces using this grout brush. Combined with a good grout cleaning solution, barely any effort is needed when working with this brush. Finally, it is backed by the three-year Lakeland guarantee should you have any issues.

Key Features

  1. Comfortable soft-grip handle
  2. Can be used to clean around taps and hard-to-reach places
  3. Lakeland provide a 3-year guarantee


  • Brand: Lakeland
  • Model: 21651
  • Weight: 80g

The Full Circle Grunge Buster Grout and Tile Brush delivers precisely what it promises. This grout and tile brush is designed to tackle your bathroom and kitchen tile cleaning needs as well as corners and edges. The unique curved design gets you into the angled surfaces that require extra reach without having to contort your hands in unnatural ways.

The ergonomic handle makes it easy to grip, and it’s equally easy to hang, hook, or store in a standing position. The brush also features tough bristles that work effectively on tiles. This is an environmentally friendly brush that features a recyclable plastic and bamboo construction.

Key Features

  1. Ergonomic handle for easy grip when scrubbing
  2. Versatile bristles great for both tile and grout
  3. Hooks, hangs or stands for quicker drying and reduced bacteria
  4. Environmentally-friendly construction, made from bamboo & recycled plastic


  • Brand: Full Circle
  • Model: FC11125GY
  • Weight: 99g

Popular Grout Brush FAQs

What does a grout brush do?

A grout brush, as the name suggest is a brush for scrubbing the grout lines between tiles. Overtime they can become discoloured or dirty and so a grout brush comes in handy for scrubbing them clean. Most grout brushes are designed with a narrow brush head and stiff bristles making them the perfect tool for cleaning grout. Alongside the right grout cleaner, you will be able to get your grout to near its original freshness.

What is the best brush to clean grout?

The best brush to clean grout, in our humble opinion, is the OXO Good Grips Grout Brush Set. It has plenty of great features and has over 18,000 customer reviews online, so it is clearly a favourite. With that said, the best grout brush for you will depend on your own unique needs. In addition, all the grout brushes on this list are great and will get the job done.

Do grout brushes work?

Grout brushes work very well, especially when combined with a good grout cleaner. Simply apply your cleaning product, wait for it to work and use your grout brush to scrub your grout clean.

Can you use a wire brush on grout?

You can use a wire brush on grout but it is not recommended. Wire brushes are quite coarse and therefore may damage your grout or/and your tiles so be warned. Most grout brushes have been designed with this in mind and you will find that the bristles are made of a less coarse material like nylon.

Can you use a brass brush to clean grout?

Similarly, you can use a brass brush on grout but it is not recommended. Brass brushes are also quite coarse and therefore may damage your grout or/and your tiles so be warned. As discussed above, most grout brushes have been designed with this in mind so it is better to opt for a decent grout brush instead.