The Best Cleaning Gloves in 2023

The Best Cleaning Gloves of 2023

Cleaning is a chore that no one likes to do. But it’s also something you can’t avoid if you want your home to be tidy and free of germs. We all know that cleanliness is next to godliness and that’s why it’s important to have a decent pair of cleaning gloves on hand for those tough jobs around the house!

If you’re looking for the best cleaning gloves, then look no further! In this post, we will go through 8 great pairs of cleaning gloves, as well as popular questions you might have about them.

Our Best Cleaning Gloves Picks

1) Elgood Deluxe Latex Free Cotton Lined Cleaning Gloves

Elgood Deluxe Latex Free Cotton Lined Cleaning Gloves

First up on our list is the Elgood Deluxe Latest Free Cleaning Gloves. These gloves are composed of PVC, so not only are they more durable and eco-friendly than regular Latex gloves, but they possess higher chemical resistance and anti-ageing performance too. The advanced Flocking Technology weaves cotton and PVC perfectly, making the gloves extra comfortable, and providing great protection from hot water.

Whats more, they also have non-slip capabilities built-in; the design of granules in the palms and fingers increases friction, ensuring better grip and control during use, compared to other gloves on the market. They are waterproof as well as oil resistant, and are ideal for bathroom and household cleaning, gardening, and even hairdressing!

Key Features

  • Provides arms-length protection from chemicals and hot water
  • Waterproof and oil-resistant
  • Comes in Blue and Purple
  • Available in Medium and Large

2) Vinyl Powder Free Disposable Extra Strong Cleaning Gloves

Vinyl Powder Free Disposable Extra Strong Cleaning Gloves

Next up we have these clear, single-use vinyl gloves that are ideal for use within a wide range of professions, including but not limited to cleaning, healthcare, hairdressing, beauty, law enforcement, cookery – the list goes on. These gloves are very flexible while also providing great durability. Being free of powder reduces any risks of cross-contamination. One single box contains 100 gloves or 50 pairs. They’re also great for home use, for tasks such as gardening, painting, and cleaning.

Key Features

  • Puncture resistant and Non-breakable
  • Available in four sizes: small, medium, large and extra-large
  • They allow a full range of motion
  • Gloves can fit on either hand with ease

3) UNIGLOVES Nitrile Disposable Gloves

UNIGLOVES Nitrile Disposable Gloves

These UNIGLOVES Nitrile Disposable Gloves are medical-grade, premium quality, single-use nitrile gloves that are both puncture and chemical resistant, and come available in 15 colours. This makes them perfect for colour-coding for different uses, and is useful for reducing the risk of cross-contamination. They’re suitable for use in a wide range of industries, including food processing, hair & beauty, medical duties, and cleaning. The gloves have an ambidextrous fit, so can be worn on either hand, and have a textured finish, providing a non-slip grip and superior comfort. They also have a close-fitted beaded cuff, which provides skin with extra barrier protection against spills.

Key Features

  • Available in a wide range of colours
  • Powder-free for protection against cross-contamination
  • Available in five sizes, from extra small to extra large
  • Free from phthalates and EN1186

4) 1Above Pack of 100 Blue Disposable Vinyl Gloves

1Above Pack of 100 Blue Disposable Vinyl Gloves

Perfect for anyone with a sensitivity towards latex or powder, these gloves are finished with a soft surface and are extra strong unlike most disposable gloves out there. In addition, they also have a beaded cuff which not only makes them better at preventing contamination but facilitates an easier removal as well. The gloves are CE certified, powder-free, and allow for a full range of motion and flexibility. A box contains 100 single gloves, or 50 pairs, and they can be used in almost any professional or personal capacity – from hairdressing to home improvement, so can be used for other activities besides cleaning your bathroom.

Key Features

  • Available in four sizes, from small to extra large.
  • They’re made with a super-soft design to feel like latex and allow for extra comfort.
  • They’re CE certified.
  • Each glove has an ambidextrous fit, so can be worn on either hand.

5) 1Above Pack of 100 Clear Disposable Vinyl Gloves

Above Pack of 100 Clear Disposable Vinyl Gloves

Manufactured from the same company as the ones before, these clear gloves are made with a high-quality PVC material, which gives better cost-efficiency than latex and nitrile gloves. They’re ideal for a wide range of tasks; they can be used in industries such as beauty, hairdressing, and healthcare, and are also great for domestic tasks such as cooking, gardening, and cleaning. A box of 100 gloves provides good value for money, unlike permanent cleaning gloves (in my humble opinion!). These gloves are also powder-free and highly durable, so while they are disposable they will get the job done.

Key Features

  • Available in sizes small to extra large
  • Beaded cuff makes the gloves easy to remove
  • The soft-surface vinyl gloves are designed to allow a full range of motion and flexibility
  • Powder-free

6) Lakeland Deluxe Latex Free Washing Up Gloves

Lakeland Deluxe Latex Free Washing Up Gloves

All too often, exposure to household chemicals, cleaning, and wearing gloves for long periods causes skin to dry out and become cracked, red, and irritated. These gloves work around this problem as they contain a unique, natural, plant-derived moisturiser called squalene that will help keep hands hydrated during use. They are thick and durable without compromising on flexibility or comfort, so dexterity isn’t lost while working. As they are latex, nitrile and phthalate-free, they’re the perfect gloves for those with sensitive skin. They can be worn and used multiple times, and are primarily designed for washing up and other cleaning tasks.

Key Features

  • Each glove has an ambidextrous fit, so can be worn on either hand
  • Each pack contains a single pair of medium-sized gloves
  • Low cost as cleaning gloves go
  • They are optimal for those with sensitive skin

7) Spontex Medium Silky Gloves

Spontex Medium Silky Gloves

Spontex Silky Gloves protect and care for hands, and provide a silky sensation on the skin when being worn. This is owing to their soft, satin touch interior, which makes them superbly comfortable to wear. As they are unlined, they provide good touch sensitivity and feeling; their interior surface is also specially treated to minimise the risk of skin allergies. The gloves are, however, made of natural latex, and so for this reason aren’t recommended for those with latex allergies. Whilst great for cleaning, it’s also recommended that these gloves don’t come into contact with grease, petrol, or other oil-based substances.

Key Features

  • Gloves can be reused after washing, time after time
  • They are flexible and resistant
  • Each pack contains 6 gloves (3 pairs)
  • Specially designed to protect even the most delicate hands

8) Spontex Tough Cleaning Gloves

Spontex Tough Cleaning Gloves

These tough cleaning gloves by Spontex are perfect for providing extra protection against harsh cleaning detergents. They have a reinforced external layer that protects the wearer’s hands from exposure to those corrosive chemicals all too often found in cleaning products. They are also highly durable and strong, and contain innovative Flex Comfort Technology which gives them great suppleness and control. In addition, they’re very comfortable to wear, owing to their close fit, pleated cuff, and cotton lining. All in all, these gloves are the ideal companion for any and all of your household cleaning needs, even those tougher jobs like scrubbing the toilet or shower.

Key Features

  • Composed of a mixture of natural and synthetic (nitrile) latex
  • Each pack contains one pair of reinforced gloves
  • They have a comfortable, cotton-lined interior
  • Reinforced external layer protects hands against harsh chemicals

What gloves are best to use for cleaning?

After researching all the greatest cleaning gloves online, we have found that the best pair was Elgood Deluxe Latex Free Cotton Lined Cleaning Gloves. This was because they were very popular online with over 7,000+ reviews, likely thanks to their longer design, waterproof and oil resistance, and availability in size and colour options. We looked at all the top retailers like Amazon, Lakeland, eBay, TheRange, Dunelm, Tesco, Asda, Wilko etc to check their soft close toilet seats and reviews.

Are cleaning gloves reusable?

In short, mostly yes. Because they are generally required for long-term use, cleaning gloves can generally be used multiple times; nitrile and latex gloves, on the other hand, are typically for single-use only. Of course, the reusability of each type of glove may vary from brand to brand.

Are nitrile gloves clean?

Boxed, loose nitrile gloves are clean, but are not sterile, and so should not be worn for tasks that require a sterile environment. However, they are completely food-safe, and so are one of the best choices available for those who are handling food in any capacity.

Do you need gloves to clean the bathroom?

Yes, you should always wear gloves whilst cleaning with any kind of chemicals, but particularly in the bathroom. As well as the risk of being exposed to irritants and other corrosive, potentially harmful chemicals found in bathroom cleaners, there’s also the added risk of exposure to bacteria and viruses that thrive in bathrooms and toilets.

Can I use latex gloves to wash dishes?

You can use latex gloves to wash dishes, but the single-use kind is not ideal. To avoid getting water in your gloves and give yourself better protection against accidental contact with sharp objects, consider a reusable pair with a high top and fabric lining. Just make sure they’re stored and sanitised effectively after use.

Are latex gloves better than nitrile?

Both these types of gloves have their good points: latex gloves are cheap, comfortable, and have high elasticity, but are prone to tears. Latex is also a common allergen. Nitrile gloves are suitable for those with latex allergies and are highly durable, but not as flexible and are more expensive.

How often should you change rubber gloves?

Rubber gloves, when cared for properly, can last a long time. By cleaning them with soap and warm water after use, they can last for months. When cleaning while wearing gloves, however, it’s important to consider infection control: gloves should be changed at regular intervals or whenever a risk of cross-contamination arises.

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