The Best Toilet Rim Blocks in 2023

8 Best Toilet Rim Blocks (Review) of 2023

When it’s that time to clean the toilet again, we can all agree that it isn’t one of the most pleasant cleaning tasks. It’s still part and parcel of tidying up your bathroom, and finding the best toilet rim block cleaner can help make the daunting chore easier and also, a task that you won’t have to do too often.

There are certainly endless lists of toilet hygiene products available to get the job done; from toilet bowl brushes, automatic cleaners, and dissolving tablets. However, if you are aiming at spending less time scrubbing, then it helps to get the right product in the first place, and this is why you need some decent toilet rim fresheners. Let’s get into it!

Our Top Toilet Rim Blocks Picks

1) Bloo Power Active Toilet Rim Block – Fresh Flowers

Bloo Power Active Toilet Rim Block - Fresh Flowers

The best way we can describe the Bloo Power Active Rim Block experience is “freshness restored.” Flowers and toilets are not two words that often go together, but the Bloo toilet rim block provides a fragrance boost with every flush. It comes with a perfumed core that provides 40% more fragrance freshness.

Its strong foaming action keeps dirt at bay and helps maintain a hygienically clean loo thanks to the help of Bloo’s 100 percent anti-limescale. Each Bloo toilet block offers up to 240 flushes, and with the toilet cleaner’s ball design combined with Bloo’s patented technology, you are assured of a sparkling clean toilet bowl after each flush.

Key Features

  • Prevents dirt buildup leaving your toilet hygienically and sparkling clean
  • Offers 40% more fragrance freshness
  • Lasts for up to 240 flushes.

2) Presto! 5-in-1 Rim Block Toilet Cleaner 8 Pack

Presto! 5-in-1 Rim Block Toilet Cleaner 8 Pack

Bring the essence of the ocean into your bathroom with the help of the Presto Rim Block Toilet Cleaner. You get 2 x 4 rim block cleaners with this pack, giving you a decent number of flushes and in turn, a fair share of cleans before you need to restock. These Presto toilet blocks come equipped with a 5-in-1 performance action.

That means that it not only cleans your toilet after each flush but it also provides foaming and anti-limescale action to keep everything hygienic. The Presto rim cleaner is also as hassle-free as they come with an easy hook and place install.

Key Features

  • Comes in a pack with 4 rim blocks
  • Provides a 5-in-1 cleaning, foaming, anti-limescale, and fragrance solution
  • It comes in a hassle-free hook and place pack

3) Harpic Hygienic Toilet Block – Citrus & Grapefruit

Harpic Hygienic Toilet Block - Citrus & Grapefruit

The last thing you want when cleaning your toilet is to create a mess, and the stains left behind by a rim cleaner can present this problem. The Harpic Hygenic Toilet Block comes in a cage-free form which means that you won’t have to deal with any build-up.

These Harpic toilet blocks clean and freshen your toilet with every flush, and its improved defence formula fights stains while also keeping your toilet bacteria-free. Each block gives you up to 3 weeks of usage. It’s the solution you need to maintain a constantly hygienic, clean, and fresh toilet, even between flushes.

Key Features

  • The cage-free design prevents stain build-up
  • It’s touch-free keeping everything hygienic
  • The block releases a pleasant fragrance with each flush

4) Bloo Colour Active Toilet Cleaning Rim Blocks – Bleach

Bloo Colour Active Toilet Cleaning Rim Blocks - Bleach

Each time you flush your toilet and have the Bloo Colour Active Rim Block in place, you are guaranteed a flagrantly fresh loo. The Bloo Toilet Rim Block comes formulated with a foaming action that prevents dirt accumulation and leaves your toilet bowl sparkling clean. You also won’t have to deal with any chalky deposits because it offers 100% anti-limescale protection.

It doesn’t hurt that you get some colour in the bathroom as well, thanks to the product’s blue water technology that keeps cleaning your loo between flushes. Each Bloo Colour Active Block provides 240 flushes while dispensing a premium fragrance throughout.

Key Features

  • Its strong foaming action ensures that each flush leaves your toilet hygienically clean
  • The 100% anti-limescale action saves you from dealing with chalky buildups
  • You get 240 flushes from a single block

5) Bloo Power Active Rim Block – Lemon

Bloo Power Active Rim Block - Lemon

The Bloo Power Active Toilet Block is precisely what you need to transform your loo into a throne. The Bloo rim cleaner gives your toilet a zesty lemon freshness after each flush, and each block features a perfumed core that cranks up the fragrance. Each flush also leaves your loo much cleaner, hygienic, and free from limescale buildup.

A Bloo Power Active Rim Block is also all you need to provide a deep clean in between use, and it falls back on its strong foaming action. Not to forget that the Bloo Power Active Toilet Rim cleaner comes with a hassle-free hook and install placement.

Key Features

  • Its strong foaming action fights dirt and limescale buildup
  • You get 40% more fragrance from a single block
  • Each block offers 240 flushes.

6) Domestos Power 5 Ocean Rim Blocks

Domestos Power 5 Ocean Rim Blocks

The Domestos Power 5 Ocean Stone comes equipped to leave your toilet radiantly clean after each flush. Each flush also fills your loo with the refreshing scent of fresh sea breeze while also ensuring that your toilet bowl remains hygienic. The Domestos Power Ocean Stone also shields your loo from limescale deposits, and its rich foaming action keeps cleaning to maintain the freshness until your next use. The Domestos toilet block cleaner comes packaged in a 100% recyclable basket making it as sustainable as they come. You also get a nifty yellow bag to use when you want to effectively dispose of the basket.

Key Features

  • It offers long-lasting fragrance with scents of the ocean
  • The Domestos stone provides an anti-limescale shield and foaming action for in-between cleans
  • The Gloss formula leaves your toilet bowl radiantly clean

7) Bloo Fragrance Switch Rim Blocks

Bloo Fragrance Switch Rim Blocks

It’s easy to make your loo the best seat you have at home with the help of the Bloo Fragrance Switch Marine Toilet Block. These innovative rim blocks by Bloo combine function and design. Each flush leaves you with a hygienically clean toilet. Each block combines Aqua Active and the Bloo power balls technology ensuring that it keeps cleaning even between flushes.

The Bloo Marine Block also prevents limescale deposits from invading your loo, and its 4 functions formula makes it equally as effective for use in septic tanks. Bloo’s rim blocks also deliver a boost of two refreshing scents leaving your toilet fresh after every flush.

Key Features

  • The Bloo strong foaming action keeps your toilet dirt and limescale-free
  • The fragrance switch delivers two uniquely refreshing scents
  • Each rim block provides about 240 flushes

8) Harpic Active Fresh Toilet Block – Sparkling Citrus

Harpic Active Fresh Toilet Block - Sparkling Citrus

Cleaning your toilet requires more than just the occasional weekly scrub down; you want to make sure that you always have a fresh and hygienic loo. That’s where the Harpic Toilet Active Fresh Power Block comes in; it’s precisely the rim cleaner you need to get the job done.

The Harpic Active Fresh range delivers six toilet cleaning powers leaving your loo dirt-free, without any limescale deposits, gleaming clean, pleasantly smelling, and foaming 50% more. Each block will see you through 5 weeks, and you have the choice of Mountain Pine, Lime Fresh, Tropical Blossom, and Sparkling Citrus fragrances from this range.

Key Features

  • The Harpies Active Fresh range cleans, shines, and prevents limescale buildup
  • It releases pleasantly refreshing scents after each flush
  • You get 50% more foaming action compared to the regular Harpic blocks.

What do Toilet Rim Blocks do?

These block-shaped toilet cleaners come formulated to slowly dissolve in water, which in turn, cleans, fights toilet stains, and leaves your bathroom smelling fresh. Depending on the formulation, toilet rim blocks can also fight limescale deposits, keep cleaning your toilet in between use with the help of foaming action, and colour your toilet water.

What is the Best Toilet Rim Block?

Settling for the best toilet rim block is a matter of individual need and preference. If you are dealing with excessive limescale deposits that stain your toilet then you’ll want to go with a product that can help you fight this problem. Likewise, if your aim is to have a gleaming clean toilet that smells heavenly, then that should guide your selection.

Where Should Toilet Rim Blocks be Placed?

As implied, rim blocks come designed for placement under the rim of your toilet. Most come encased in a small basket/holder allowing for a hassle-free “hook and place” installation. Some are cage-less for in-cistern placement, while other “loose” rim block cleaners typically come with a hook to enable placement under the rim of your toilet.

How do You Use a Toilet Rim Block?

You don’t have to do much to start using some toilet blocks, except for placing it on your loo and allowing it to do its magic. Perhaps the only heavy-lifting involved is adjusting the unit’s placement in line with water flow, but besides that, there’s nothing more you’ll need to do. Each individual toilet block brand usually also comes with instructions to guide you on the installation and replacement process.

How Long do Toilet Rim Blocks Last?

Just about every rim block will give you anywhere between 200 up to 1,000 flushes-worth of use. Remember that they dissolve with each flush and that ultimately means that they are bound to run out at some point. Most brands also sell them in multi-block packs with two to four or even 12 pieces.

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