The Best Rimless Toilets in 2023

The Best Rimless Toilets in 2023

The Best Rimless Toilet with soft close seats, contemporary designs and more.

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Rimless toilets are gaining popularity faster than ever, and it’s about time you jump on the bandwagon. They have subtle, yet innovative, changes that can improve your overall experiences in every way.

For instance, they are much easier to clean, have superior flushing, and are more hygienic as there aren’t any hard-to-reach spots for bacteria to build and thrive in.

Top Three Rimless Toilets

They even significantly reduce splash-back because the shape and design help water flow smoothly. The best part, you’d even be saving water by switching to a rimless toilet because of its efficient flush design. 

If you’re sold already, here are six of our top picks for the best rimless toilets of 2023!

Our Best Rimless Toilet picks

1) Affine Back to Wall Modern Toilet

Affine Back to Wall Modern Toilet

First up, we have the Affine Back to Wall Modern Toilet. It’s the ideal space-saving solution for small bathrooms, especially if you’re looking for an upgrade that’s modern, innovative, and way more effective than traditional toilets. We love how the design is practical enough to push the toilet right up against your wall, helping you neatly hide away all the pipework. 

It features a luxurious-feeling soft-closing toilet seat. That means you can say goodbye to those frustrating toilet seat slams for good! With a clean ceramic build and a premium-finished scratch-resistant surface, this toilet is backed by a 10 years guarantee which is class-leading!


  • Great warranty coverage
  • Simple, floor-mounted installation method
  • Made out of ceramic 
  • Comes with all necessary fixing required for installation
  • Oblong-shaped design for maximum convenience and aesthetics

2) Durovin Bathrooms Back to Wall Rimless Toilet

Durovin Bathrooms Back to Wall Rimless Toilet

Next up, we have the Durovin Bathrooms Back to Wall Rimless Toilet! With its glossy white colour and minimalist design, this model is as premium-looking as it gets. It’s made out of ceramic so it won’t scratch or break easily either.

It mounts directly onto your bathroom wall, but it’s not a floating design so it’ll stay in contact with the ground for support. The oblong shape, combined with the 365 x 555 x 415 mm size, makes it comfortable and easy to use for all body types. 


  • Available in both oblong and square shapes
  • Sturdy, ceramic build
  • Wall-mounted installation
  • Soft close seat
  • Space efficient for small bathrooms

3) Ceramica Back To Wall Space Saving Toilet

Ceramica Back To Wall Space Saving Toilet

Here’s another sleek-looking rimless toilet from the brand Ceramica. It’s a floor-mounted option, so it’s ideal for bathrooms with prefab walls that can’t withstand the weight of the toilet + users. As the brand’s name suggests, it’s made out of ceramic and has an attractive pearl-white colour, which means it naturally suits any type of bathroom style, decor, and theme. 

The surface is very easy to clean, durable, and scratch-resistant. We love that it’s backed by a huge 10-year guarantee, which shows that the brand believes in its product and its longevity.


  • Seat doesn’t slam shut thanks to soft-close technology 
  • Back to wall design for space efficiency 
  • Floor-mounted installation
  • Built to last and backed by a decade-long guarantee period
  • Works well with any bathroom theme or aesthetic

4) Royal Bathrooms Wall Hung Rimless Toilet

Royal Bathrooms Wall Hung Rimless Toilet

If you’re a fan of boxy shapes and sharp-looking toilets, this Royal Bathrooms Wall Hung Rimless Toilet is the one for you. Like most other options on this list, it’s made out of ceramic which not only makes it look elegant, but also gives it practical benefits like ease of cleaning, durability, scratch resistance, and more. The square shape and its glossy white finish will easily bring that luxurious touch to any bathroom!

But, it’s not all looks. It’s also CE-approved, and the company backs it with a 5-year manufacturer’s guarantee which is a decent term compared to the industry norms.


  • Powerful, smart, and water-efficient flush system
  • Sharp and attractive square-shaped design
  • Glossy white, elegant-looking finish
  • Comes with a complete floor-fixing kit
  • Backed by a 5-year guarantee

5) Affine Back to Wall Concealed Cistern Rimless Toilet Kit

Affine Back to Wall Concealed Cistern Rimless Toilet

At number 5, we’ve got the Affine Back to Wall Concealed Cistern Rimless Toilet kit. It has a concealed cistern, and a luxurious soft-closing toilet seat that’s designed to be user-friendly for people of all weight classes. The pan is built to hide away all your pipework which can even make bathrooms with poor plumbing look presentable!

It’s made with premium materials like ceramic for the seat itself, while the push button is all-chrome. With a high-quality build like that, it makes sense that the company is confident enough to offer a 10-year guarantee on this toilet!


  • Very resilient and tough build quality
  • Long guarantee term (10 years)
  • Luxurious soft-close feature
  • Eco-friendly dual-flush cistern
  • Comes with pan, toilet unit, concealed cistern, toilet seat and floor fixing kit

6) Sorrento Comfort Height Raised Power Rimless Toilet

Sorrento Comfort Height Raised Power Rimless Toilet

Next up, we have the Sorrento Comfort Height Raised Power Rimless Toilet. It’s the ideal choice for those who want the longest guarantee term out there, because let’s be honest, these new rimless toilets don’t come cheap. This model is backed by an incredible 15-year manufacturer’s guarantee, which is industry-leading and extremely rare. At first glance, it appears to be pretty simple and minimalistic, but it’s equipped with all the features you’d expect to have in a modern-day rimless lavatory. 

The seat is quick-release and soft-closing, while the flush is boosted with a Power Swirl function to keep your pan clean and shiny at all times. Its raised height of 455 mm also makes it comfortable for the elderly, which is a thoughtful touch. 


  • Very easy wall-mounted installation with standard fixtures
  • Class-leading guarantee term of 15 years
  • Equipped with Power Swirl Flush function
  • Raised height that’s great for the elderly
  • High-quality ceramic build
  • Oval-shaped seat

What features should I look for in a rimless toilet?

Rimless toilets are the future! They’re more efficient, simpler to use and clean, and even help you save money (and the planet) by reducing water consumption. Their design is also more hygienic as the entire surface is open to the flush splash, so you won’t have to perform concentrated cleaning as often to get rid of bacterial build-up. 

Unlike traditional toilets, rimless ones don’t have a “rim” around the inner pan. But then, where does the flush water come out if there’s no inner pan? Well, rimless systems have a superior flushing system that gushes water all around the pan which means you end up with a cleaner toilet every time you flush without even needing a rim to distribute the water.

If those reasons are enough to convince you to upgrade to a rimless toilet, you’ve made the right choice! Here’s everything you need to keep in mind to spend your money on the right model. 

Ease of Cleaning

All rimless toilets are easier to clean than regular ones, but the competition on that front is still high among different rimless models! You should look for units with completely open surfaces without any nooks in the designs where germs and grime can gather. 

Also, we’d recommend seeing it flush (if possible) to make sure that the splash covers the entire surface of the toilet or at least a picture/detailed description. Smartly designed toilets will make sure that the flush water gushes over every inch of the toilet which automatically cleans it up after each use. As you can imagine, that means you can get away with less frequent clean-ups!

Flush System

Speaking of flushing, you should also pay attention to the quality of the flush system. Ideally, it should have a dual-flush cistern for more effective and eco-friendly performance. Make sure that it distributes water evenly across the pan. If you see terms like “double vortex technology” or “dual-channel flushing” while shopping, those are usually big green flags! 

Water Usage

The flush system should also not be high in water usage. You should expect better flushing performance while simultaneously bringing down your water bill, because that’s what rimless toilets are all about!


Since rimless toilets represent a fairly new trend, there’s a plethora of sleek and modern designs to choose from. Before you shrug at that, remember that your choice of design is not just about aesthetics, but also your user experience overall. 

Some people prefer longer toilets, while others find the oval – or oblong-shaped ones more comfortable. Differences in design can even determine its installation mechanism as well. 

Type and Installation 

Is it a back-to-wall model? Is it wall-mounted? Close-coupled? 

The right choice depends on your specific situation. For instance, if you have limited space to work with, we’d recommend getting a back-to-wall model as they’re compact and space-efficient. Moreover, some designs can easily fit into the plumbing setup already have, featuring options for both back and bottom water inlets, making it a suitable choice for those of you looking to retrofit your toilet.

What is the best rimless toilet?

We found the best rimless toilet to be the Affine Back-to-Wall Modern Toilet; it has a back-to-wall design which makes great use of space and neatly hides pipework, is easier to clean, strong and durable, stain and scratch resistant, features a soft-close toilet seat, comes with a massive 10-year warranty, and more! 

Are rimless toilets any good?

Yes, rimless toilets are very good indeed. Upgrading to a rimless toilet has a variety of benefits such as much easier cleaning, reduced water consumption, and better water efficiency. They are also more hygienic as there are no hard-to-reach spots where bacteria can build up.

Does a rimless toilet use less water?

Yes, a rimless toilet will typically reduce your overall water consumption as their flush systems are more efficient than traditional toilets, thanks to the advanced water-shooting technology.

Is a rimless toilet more hygienic than a standard toilet?

Yes, rimless toilets are more hygienic than their regular counterparts, mostly due to the absence of a rim which means there are no unexposed areas where dirt, bacteria, residue or germs can build up. It all gets washed away with every flush.

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