How to Clean a Shower Head

How to Clean a Shower Head (Properly)

If you give your shower head a light clean here and there you won’t ever have to give it that deep a clean for a long time. Most of the top shower heads on the market have rub-off finishes. What I mean by that is, that you can simply wipe the shower head off with a sponge or a cloth to clean it and remove any limescale quite easily. Some shower heads also have a removable plate which allows you to clean underneath and give it a good scrub.

With that said, some showerheads themselves are not removable, making them quite difficult to clean. In these instances, when trying to descale your shower head and remove limescale, vinegar is always the first choice.

Flushing Shower Head

1. Cleaning your Shower Head with Vinegar

Before you go and drench your shower head with some leftover vinegar in your cupboard please be sure to check which type you are using! Malt vinegar does not work that well and brown vinegar will stain or leave marks on your shower head. The best type of vinegar to use for cleaning your shower head is white distilled vinegar.

Cleaning Handheld Shower Heads

  1. Fill a jug, protein shaker or Pyrex jug etc with the White Vinegar to about halfway – just enough to submerge the shower head itself.
  2. Remove the shower head from the hose by unscrewing it and place it into the White Vinegar – be careful not to lose the rubber/plastic washer that should be underneath the shower head inside the hose!
  3. Leave the shower head inside the White Vinegar for a few hours. I like to leave mine overnight just to make sure it is nice and squeaky clean!
  4. After the time has passed, take it out and give it a quick rinse in the bathtub/sink. I use an old toothbrush to give it an extra clean, while it is under the bath tap.
  5. Voila! It should be sparkling clean!

Cleaning Fixed Shower Heads

  1. Get a plastic bag (without any holes!) and fill it about half way with white vinegar.
  2. Place it over the shower head until it is completely submerged in the white vinegar. Get some string or maybe an elastic band and tie the bag in place carefully.
  3. Leave the bag on for at least 30 minutes to an hour. If you are cleaning a brass shower head, then do not it soak in the white vinegar past 30 minutes.
  4. After the time has passed, take it out of the bag gently and turn on the shower so that it flushes away any left over dirt or grime inside.
  5. If your shower head is still covered in limescale you can repeat the process until it is clear.

2. Limescale Cleaning Products

There are many specialist limescale cleaners out there on the market that are specially formulated to tackle tough limescale build ups. If you have tried using the white vinegar cleaning method above but you still aren’t having any luck then it may be time to invest in a decent limescale cleaner.

Most of these products are very powerful so make sure you buy a pair of decent rubber gloves and keep it out of any cuts, wounds and your eyes of course!

3. Preventing Limescale Build-up

As mentioned earlier, you can manage limescale buildup easily if you stop it from happening in the first place. This can be done by simply giving your shower head a quick clean each week. In addition, there are a number of great shower heads that are resistant to limescale build up. So if you don’t like the pungent smell of vinegar, this might be the solution for you. Lastly, there are a number of great shower cleaners that make cleaning your shower head extremely easy. I personally use a shower spray by Method, that you simply spray after each shower and let sit, without having to even scrub. Just simply rinse away after a while or let it sit – no problem!

How often should you clean your shower head?

Most of the top shower head brands advise that it depends on how often you use the shower head. If it is used fairly often then it may be best to clean it weekly. It is best to clean your shower head fairly frequently, otherwise your shower head could get blocked or broken. Most shower heads are designed to last but it is still something you should regularly do. I wipe my shower head fairly often. As well as this I carry out the White Vinegar method mentioned above every 6 months or so, to make sure it is nice and clean inside and out!

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