The Best Sealant Gun in 2023

The Best Sealant Gun in 2023

As mentioned in our best bathroom sealant review, a good bathroom sealant is a crucial part of ensuring that your bathroom looks pristine. In order to ensure that your bathroom sealant is applied properly, you will need to get a good sealant gun. A semi-decent sealant gun will make sure your sealant lines are nice and neat – there is nothing nice about wonky or poorly applied sealant!

Now, choosing a suitable sealant gun can be difficult. Pick the wrong one and the eventual hand fatigue may put you off for good! Therefore, we have scoured the internet to find you some of the best sealant guns that are on the market – we’ve even found a near fully-automated one! Happy sealing!

Our Best Sealant Gun Picks

1) Wolfcraft MG 200 Caulking Gun

Wolfcraft’s MG 200 Caulking Gun is a powerful sealant gun suitable for both DIY and professional use. Its ergonomic design offers an easy grip and can be rotated to 360º, allowing for great manoeuvrability during caulking and sealant applications. The rotatable sleeve ensures that you can work around corners and tight spaces while providing even pressure for even caulking.

The MG 200 Caulking Gun features an ergonomic handle design that provides a comfortable, secure grip and is suitable for use with silicone and acrylic sealants. Being engineered from fibreglass reinforced plastic it is built to last and ensures a long service life. The automatic drip-stop function allows you to squeeze the trigger and it will automatically stop when it has squeezed out the desired amount of sealant.

Key Features

  • Lightweight but powerful
  • Automatic drip-stop function
  • Fibreglass reinforced plastic construction
  • Very easy to use
  • Rotating sleeve ensures consistent application around bends

2) ProDec Extra Strong Skeleton Caulking Gun

Next up, we have the ProDec Extra Strong Skeleton Caulking Gun. The ProDec MG11ES is a simple, yet versatile, high-performance tool that is built to last. Its robust powder-coated steel construction provides excellent toughness for heavy-duty use. The ergonomically designed trigger and overall weight are equally balanced, making the MG11ES easy to use no matter whether you are right or left-handed.

This ProDec Sealant Gun offers a simple design with a comfortable, quick-release trigger to make the application of silicone or sealant much easier. Ideal for applying silicone sealants and caulk, the MG11ES helps you eliminate the mess and hassle of clean-up, while also making it easy to create a professional finish.

Key Features

  • Heavy-duty Skeleton gun
  • Powder-coated stainless steel construction
  • Ergonomically designed trigger for comfort
  • Drip-stop function for clean applications

3) Everbuild Professional Caulk & Sealant Gun

The Everbuild Professional Caulk & Sealant Gun is an industry leader in caulking and sealing tools for providing top performance and great results. It’s designed to be comfortable to hold while providing the strength and durability to seal, caulk and fill large and small cracks with ease. This commercial-grade tool is built for both accuracy and performance.

The hook end is designed to make it easy and safe to store between uses – can even be placed on your toolbelt if required. The air-actuated high-compression spring is designed to provide a controlled and consistent application. It is important to note that this sealant gun is suitable for C3 cartridges (up to 310ml).

Key Features

  • High-compression spring reduces hand fatigue
  • Comfortable and easy to use
  • Reinforced ring design for durability
  • Hook end for storing between uses

4) Wolfcraft MG 100 Caulking Gun

The MG 100 caulking gun is the ideal solution for all your caulking and silicone needs. It is both flexible and powerful and features an easy-to-use handle, automatic drip-stop function, and a convenient cartridge holder. This versatile sealant gun can be used with acrylic, silicone, and any other sealant with a cartridge – up to 310ml.

The MG 100 has a pushing pressure of 130kg, which is an ample amount of force for any type of silicone or acrylic cartridge. It is also crafted from a fibreglass reinforced plastic body and handle, making it incredibly light at just 310g, allowing for a fatigue-free application. 

Key Features

  • Lightweight but powerful
  • Automatic drip-stop function
  • Fibreglass reinforced plastic construction
  • Very easy to use

5) ProDec Advance 400ml Revolving Sealant Gun

The ProDec PRCG11 Advance Revolving Sealant Gun is a heavy-duty, all-metal, professional-grade caulking gun, perfect for applying sealants in your bathroom or shower. It has a large barrel compatible with standard 310ml and 400ml sealant cartridges as well as intermediate sizes, and an ergonomic finger grip trigger that delivers smooth, no-hassle performance, allowing for a comfortably even application.

In addition to its size, the barrel is rotatable and is therefore great for when you need to go around bends or corners during application without stopping. The PRCG11 also features a low-friction nozzle that allows you to easily push sealant out to make applying cartridge-based caulk, sealants and fillers a breeze. And when you want to stop, the release clip will provide a clean break in the sealant.

Key Features

  • Heavy-duty caulking gun
  • Comfortable trigger reduces hand fatigue
  • Revolving barrel allows for application around corners
  • Release clip stops overflow once finished

6) S&R Easy Press Sealant Gun

Perfectly suited for quick sealing jobs, S&R Easy Press is a reliable, compact and easy-to-use sealant gun that saves you time and effort. Its unique design offers maximum pressure with minimum effort, due to its 12:1 thrust ratio. It is sleek and lightweight, made from a corrosion-free, zinc-aluminium alloy, ensuring that this skeleton gun lasts for a very long time.

The ergonomically designed handle allows for a comfortable grip, and the rotating barrel allows you to evenly apply sealant consistently even around bends or corners. As with other sealant guns, this one is compatible with standard cartridges of up to 310 ml and also features a curved hook at the end for hanging on a tool belt or ladder between uses.

Key Features

  • Features a 12:1 thrust ratio
  • Rotating barrel allows for consistent application
  • Ergonomic handle for comfort
  • Made from corrosion-free zinc-aluminium

7) Wolfcraft Mechanical Caulking Sealant Gun

The Wolfcraft Mechanical Caulking Gun is built to last. Its clever design and robust construction of fibreglass reinforced plastic make it both durable and easy to use. With its ergonomic handle design and innovative cartridge replacement lock, it makes the application of sealant quick and easy.

This Caulking Gun also has an automatic drip-stop function to prevent dripping and mess after you’ve finished with your application. Suitable for cartridges up to 310ml, the replacement lock means cartridges can be quickly changed simply by pressing a button. With less mess and minimal cleanup, this all-in-one tool will help you save time and effort.

Key Features

  • Cartridge lock allows for quick replacement
  • Automatic drip-stop
  • Fibreglass reinforced plastic construction
  • Lightweight and Durable

8) Ryobi ONE+ Caulking Gun & Battery

The Ryobi 18V ONE+ Caulking Gun really is a great piece of kit. It features a high-powered variable speed motor that automatically releases the sealant for you without having to exert lots of effort and you can even set the speed as well. In addition, its built-in puncture tool means it can break a cartridge seal, without the need of having to dangerously carve it off yourself with a knife.

This Ryobi Caulking Gun is powered by a single 2Ah battery, which is a perfect size for its compact size. Another great innovative feature of this product is its switch-lock. It helps prevent accidental start-ups thereby reducing any mess or excess sealant from being released. To top this off, both the gears and its carriage frame are durable and robust, ensuring that this unit works for a long time to come.

Key Features

  • No need for tiring manual force
  • Variable speed options
  • On-board puncture tool
  • Prevents accidental starts with switch-lock

Popular Sealant Gun FAQs

What is the best sealant gun?

After researching all the greatest sealant guns online, we have found the top sealant gun to be the Wolfcraft MG 200. This was because it was very popular online with over 10,000+ reviews, likely thanks to its affordable price, automatic drip-stop, and rotating sleeve. We looked at all the top retailers like Screwfix, B&Q, Wilko, Argos, Toolstation, Wickes, Amazon etc to check their caulking gun range and reviews.

What makes a good sealant gun?

Ultimately, we want a sealant gun that allows us to apply sealant or caulk with ease. Therefore, it needs to be powerful, yet simple to use, have some kind of anti-drip feature, a rotating barrel to allow you to go around bends and corners without interrupting your application, and a comfortable grip to reduce hand fatigue. 

Is a caulking gun the same as a sealant gun?

Caulking gun vs Sealant gun – are they the same? Yes, they are the same. Sometimes they are also known as skeleton guns, silicone guns, mastic guns, caulk guns etc. The reason they are all the same is that they are all contained in a cartridge. These guns simply force the sealant or caulk out of the cartridge. With that said, the main difference between sealant and caulk is elasticity. Sealant is usually more elastic and water-resistant as it contains silicone – which of course is more effective for a bathroom or shower application.

Does a good caulking gun make a difference?

Yes, a good caulking gun does make a difference. The cheaper models can give you cramp and hand fatigue after a short while using them, potentially putting you off DIY altogether! Also, a good caulking gun can mean your application is a lot more smooth and professional looking. The Ryobi ONE+ Caulking Gun is totally automatic and therefore will make the process of sealing your bathtub, for example, much more enjoyable and easier to do than manually using a poor-quality sealant gun.

What makes a sealant gun dripless?

Many of the top models on our list above contain an anti-drip function or release clip. In a nutshell, the way they work is that the sealant is neatly severed so that it does not produce any excess mess and therefore potentially mess up your handy work.

How do you put sealant into a gun?

With most sealant guns you simply clip the cartridge into it and it’s ready to go – providing you have cut open the cartridge seal. Models like the Wolfcraft Mechanical Sealant Gun are much easier to clip in as you simply push the cartridge into it.

Is a sealant gun necessary?

A sealant gun is totally necessary. Most sealants, due to their viscous nature, can only be used with a sealant gun. It simply isn’t possible to squeeze out the sealant with your bare hands! With that being said, there are many sealants that don’t require a gun on our best bathroom sealant guide.

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