How to deep clean your bathroom in time for Christmas (like a pro)

This is a guest post from our friends at, written by Stacey Slater.

Trying to get organised for the Christmas break can be daunting and very pressuring especially when there is a lot to do.

To help eliminate the pressure we have put together a structured cleaning guide on how to deep clean your bathroom for the festive season.

Deep Clean Checklist

In order to get started you will need the following items which you may or may not have already:

  • Microfibre Cleaning Cloths
  • Thick toilet bleach
  • Glass cleaner
  • Mop & Bucket
  • Floor cleaner
  • Stainless Steel Cleaner
  • Cleaning spray
  • Air Freshener – To add freshness to each room.
  • Old Toothbrush x 2
  • Old Rag x 2
  • White Vinegar
  • Kitchen Roll
  • Abrasive sponge large
  • Large Cloth
  • Freezer Bags x 2

Step 1: It’s a kinda magic!

First things first, there needs to be a method in your madness. When cleaning your bathroom things need to be done in a certain order to save you time and energy. Before you start getting down and dirty, you want to make sure that you declutter and remove all of the empty shampoo bottles, and toothpaste tubes as well as all the empty toilet rolls that may be hanging around.

Once you’ve cleared everything, get out your vacuum and get rid of all the bits of hair and tissue fibres that can sometimes stick to your floor, tiles and skirting boards. 

Step 2: Mirror, mirror on the wall…

Next spray your sink bowl, pedestal and toilet seat, back and neck with a really good washroom cleaner. Leave it for the advised contact time usually this can range between 5-10 minutes, giving it enough time to penetrate and lift any existing dirt, watermarks and soap scum. 

Whilst the cleaner is working its magic, move your focus to the mirror.  Spray with a glass cleaner and give it a good wipe using either some kitchen roll or a good quality microfibre cloth. Clean until it shines up real nice with no visible streaks. Once you’ve shined up your mirror do the same with your window using the glass cleaner, working in circles to remove any streaks that may appear.

Step 3: All is Clean, All is Bright; An Old Toothbrush, Cleans Just right.

Next, you need to work your magic on the wall tiles and grout. It makes sense to clean these before the bath and sink, so all the dirty water can flow down into the drain without compromising your newly cleaned bath and sink (this is why there is a method in the madness). 

A product we would highly recommend especially for use on grout is The Pink Stuff. Smother a small amount in between the grout and tiles and use a small old toothbrush and scrub gently to remove any mould and grim. A good old-fashioned toothbrush is an ideal tool and small enough to get right into the cracks to get them looking clean again. You’ll be surprised how useful the little old toothbrush can be for jobs like this. Next, use a large warm damp cloth or sponge and work a small amount of pink stuff into the tiles. The bigger the cloth the quicker you can clean an area, so it is highly advisable to save you time. 

Once you have worked all the grout and the tiles, grab the shower head and rinse everything down. Don’t have a shower head I hear you say? Then simply use a large jug filled with hot water and rinse away any product residue. Give them a quick spray and a wipe (use glass cleaner for that ultimate shine). So shiny you’ll be able to see your pretty reflection.

Step 4: A Starry Sink

Now you can go back to your sink bowl and pedestal. Use a warm damp clean cloth or sponge and wipe clean all around each including the taps. Use a soft abrasive sponge to work around the edges and base of the taps to remove any built-up soap grime or water marks, these areas can be missed over time but will make your bathroom look brand new just by cleaning these missed areas.

Step 5: Toilet Tinsel

The best way to clean stains inside a toilet is to pour 200ml of good quality bleach down the toilet and all around the bowl, let it sit for 30 minutes. This will lift away any deep rust marks that may have developed over time. Whilst the bleach is working its magic you can now turn your attention to the toilet neck and back, wipe clean with washroom cleaner with a fresh clean cloth to avoid contamination of dirt and germs, you want to clean them away not pass them from place to place, so always remember to grab a fresh cloth for the toilet. 

Step 6: Overflow Hohoho

This is the one thing in the bathroom that usually gets missed. But it’s dead simple to clean, all you need to do is pour some bleach down the hole and give it a little wipe inside with an old warm damp rag. This is a breeding zone for bacteria, make sure you do this once a month to stop a build-up.

Step 7: Twinkle Taps

Once you are done and your sink and toilet are starting to look fresh again, spray your taps including handles with stainless steel cleaner and buff them to a high shine. Remember to clean the tap nozzle if it displays signs of a build-up. Place a small freezer bag around the end, add some white wine vinegar, tie the bag up and leave to soak for 30 minutes. This will dissolve any watermarks or limescale that has built up. You can do the same to your shower head if needed.

Step 8: Sleighing the Skirting Boards 

The skirting boards can sometimes get neglected and over time can collect dust, bits of hair and skin. Therefore, it is advisable to try and give them a once-over, every season. Give them a wipe with hot soapy water and an antibacterial spray, to get rid of any bacteria lurking about. 

Step 9: Sparkle like Cinderella’s slipper!

Depending on what you have, whether it be a shower screen, cubicle or curtains, they all need maintenance. If you have shower curtains, unclip them and chuck them in the washer to spruce them up and make them smell nice. The same method with the bath mat, this, over time, can become dirty and breeds bacteria, so remember to also chuck this in the wash.

If you have a cubicle or a screen, all you need is The Pink stuff which banishes stubborn water marks combined with a good glass cleaner, will have your shower sparkling like Cinderella’s slipper.  Remember to use the toothbrush to get to those hard-to-reach places like the corners.  

Step 10: Brightly Bath and Sparkly Shower

There is nothing more relaxing than soaking in a nice hot bath, but… before we do it needs to be clean enough to eat out of (can you imagine). My all-time favourite for cleaning this giant dish, has got to be The Pink Stuff. It will remove just about any dirt or marks. Just work your way around the bath with a large sponge or cloth paying in particular attention to the drain and overflow hole.  Once you have worked your way around the bath give it good rinse. To spruce up the shower head and hose, simply use the bag method with vinegar. Hang the bag from the shower head until it is completely submerged. Fill half with white vinegar, tie the bag and leave for 30 minutes.  Once soaked remove the bag and wipe clean with a stainless-steel cleaner or use the toothbrush to remove any stubborn limescale. Rinse and wipe clean with warm water, you will be amazed at how clean it will become. 

Step 11: Bits & Prancing Pieces 

Give your toilet roll holder and your caddies a good clean too. These can be easily wiped down using a good washroom cleaner. If you’re going to do a deep clean then these items must be included. Give your walls a wipe too, for any stubborn marks just use the Magic Eraser, it works brilliantly on scuffed walls.

Step 12: Flourishing Festive Floors 

Once you have cleaned everything you can make a start on the floor. The floor should be the last thing you clean. This is to prevent it from becoming mucky whilst you clean everything else. To make sure you give your floor a good clean invest in a good quality mop. If you have a small floor area, then floor wipes can work a treat to get the job done quickly. For large floors, a good quality floor cleaner and a decent mop will have your floors in tip-top shape in no time.  Always read the label before using any chemicals to ensure they will work on the floor surface you have. 

Final Christmas Touches

Once you have everything cleaned, drape your bath mat over the bath and give your bathroom a good air freshener spray. Then sit back and admire your beautiful work. 

For all the bathroom cleaning products in this guide, please visit the link below:

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