A Brief Guide to Standard Shower Enclosure Sizes and Dimensions

Bathroom remodelling isn’t a just one-time job. In fact, it’s a process of transforming the aesthetic appeal of any bathroom permanently. That’s why homeowners should pay attention to even the most minor details, e.g. choosing the right shower size.

Typically a custom-size shower enclosure is chosen by most people, as we all have different-sized bathrooms or shower spaces. However, for some bathrooms, the standard size gets the job done. This article will highlight all the essential aspects that you need to know regarding Standard Shower Sizes and Dimensions. So, let’s get into it!

Some Standard Shower Sizes and Dimensions

Given the flexibility most shower enclosures offer, you can opt for nearly any size and dimension. However, the standard size usually varies between 48 x 36 inches (1200mm x 900cm) to 60 x 60 inches (1500mm x 1500mm). Anything between these size ranges would be considered ample showering space.

Various factors, like your shower enclosure design and style, will cause standard sizes to vary. So, it is not necessary to follow the standard shower sizes and dimensions. If your bathroom has enough space, you may even opt for a slightly bigger shower enclosure.

How to Choose the Right Shower Size for Your Bathroom?

Now, let us discuss some aspects you must look for while choosing the right shower size for your bathroom. Here are a few essential tips:

A bathroom remodeller installing a shower enclosure

1. Know the Standard Shower Sizes

When buying the best shower for your bathroom, it is important to know the standard available sizes. This will help you figure out which one is right for your bathroom and make sure that it fits well.

As mentioned, most shower enclosures are 48 x 36 inches (1200mm x 900cm), but some can come in different measurements. If you have a lot of space in your bathroom, for example, you could get a shower that’s up to 60 x 60 inches (1500mm x 1500mm); however, those may be harder to find and more expensive than average.

On the other hand, if you have less room – like many people do in flats, apartments or condos – there are also sizes available that are around 30 inches (700mm) wide.

2. Identify the Best Shower Enclosure Shape

When you are remodelling your bathroom, it is important to choose the right shower enclosure shape, to ensure it fits properly. There are several options available, and each one can give your bathroom a different look.

For example, you can choose a square or rectangular enclosure for a more traditional look, or you may opt for a curved enclosure to create a more modern and spacious atmosphere. You may also consider installing a corner enclosure that can save space while still providing ample room for showering.

3. Enlist the help of a Professional

Once you have chosen the right shower enclosure, it’s time to install it. Now, for smaller bathroom spaces, it can be a hassle to install any shower enclosure to perfection. Therefore, hiring someone with experience in installing shower enclosures will help ensure that it is done correctly.

Professional installers are usually good at measuring any shower space. They will make sure the shower enclosure is the right size and fits correctly. They will also have access to the special tools and materials needed to make it look professional and uniform once it’s installed.

Which Type Of Shower Enclosure Should I Choose?

Once you know how much space you have in your bathroom, it is important to think about which type of shower would work best for you. For example, a walk-in shower might be the right choice if you want a luxurious and relaxing experience.

A large shower enclosure and shower

Although alcoves and corner showers cover a limited space, they come with the option to add extra features such as built-in seating or multiple shower heads.

Showers that are rectangular fit well into the corner of small bathrooms. This leaves you with more space to move around in your bathroom – which is better if you happen to have an electric shower, which usually requires the box to be on the wall thereby taking up precious space.

You could also install a shower-tub combo if you have a tight budget. This type of shower has a built-in tub, so you can have a relaxing bath.

So, it is important to measure your bathroom space and compare it to the available sizes before choosing which option to go with. Then, with a little bit of research, you can find the perfect shower size for your bathroom.

Final Thoughts

So, that was our take on different standard shower sizes and dimensions. As we have seen, there are many options available to save some space while getting the same functionality. But you have to choose a shower enclosure that enhances your bathroom’s curb appeal. For example, corner shower doors are an excellent option here. You can easily install them in a small bathroom. Usually, they require 36 x 36 inches (900mm x 900mm) of space.

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