The Best Electric Shower in 2023

Best Electric Shower in 2023

The Best Electric Showers that are available right now.

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Electric showers are a great option for your bathroom or shower room for a number of reasons. They are versatile, fairly inexpensive (especially when compared to Digital showers and sometimes Mixer showers), easy to install, can be used with any domestic water system, and better yet, they help save energy (and therefore money!).

Top Three Electric Showers

Electric showers make use of in-built electrical (hence the name) heating components, typically a coil-shaped element, to heat up the water to your desired temperature. This is one of my favourite features of an electric shower. They heat up the water very quickly, reducing the amount of time spent shivering inside the shower before the water gets hot!

Electric showers are an excellent option for your home, as well as other washroom environments like student accommodations, hotels, property, or sites with restricted or limited space. They are also an excellent fit for locations with no significant storage provisions because they heat water independently. 

There are plenty of great options available. Read on to discover our shortlist of the best electric showers on the market today.

Quick Glance: The Best Electric Shower Categories

Our Best Electric Shower picks

1) Mira Azora Dual

Mira Azora Dual

The Mira Azora Dual is a top electric shower that naturally made it on our best Best Mira Electric Shower roundup as well. It isn’t every day that you see an electric shower with thermostatic temperature control! This unit features Mira’s Clearscale technology (reduces limescale build-up), easy-to-use controls, and offers the ideal blend of practicality and style. You will love using the massive 200mm drencher head, together with the 4-spray shower head, allowing for maximum coverage.

It also comes with an adjustable shower handset to choose how low or high you would like the showerhead to sit. Mira’s Clearscale doesn’t just apply to the internals of this model – both the showerhead and deluge have rub-clean nozzles. Making cleaning simple and minimising limescale build-up, ensuring that the Azora Dual lasts a very long time. Another great feature of this model is the separate power and temperature controls. This allows you to essentially set and forget your preference and literally rinse and repeat daily with no effort. 


  • Mira’s Clearscale technology reduces limescale accumulation 
  • Thermostatic control ensures you enjoy steady temperatures 
  • Mira Sensi-flo™ technology prevents scalding
  • Contemporary Design
  • Simple controls
  • Sound level of just 15dB
  • Easy to clean
  • 2 Year Warranty

Read our full Mira Azora Dual review.

2) Bristan Bliss 3 BL3105 

Bristan Bliss 3

The Bristan Bliss 3 is one of the most sophisticated electric showers on the market. Available in a sleek black colour, it has numerous exciting features, including a digital temperature display that lets you know how cool or warm the water is. It also comes with safety features like a thermal cut-out that shuts off the heating element when the water temperatures reach dangerous levels.

Phased shutdown prevents the build-up of limescale by flushing leftover water. For a comfortable showering experience, the Bristan Bliss 3 features a rise rail complete with an adjustable bracket that allows you to choose the ideal position and height for the shower head. 


  • Three power settings give you better water flow control
  • Easy to clean hose and showerhead
  • Digital temperature display and warm mode
  • Includes a large soap/toiletry dish and adjustable riser rail
  • Anti limescale feature reduces build-up
  • Warm-up mode

3) Triton Seville

Triton Seville

The Triton Seville performs exceptionally well. It is a full-body round, polished electric shower that is easy to use, instantly heating the cold water to offer a stimulating shower anytime you want. Triton guarantees the model has been professionally engineered and tested to ensure the highest levels of performance and quality.

It also offers separate flow and temperature controls with 10 Bar maximum static pressure. This shower has been designed for fast and hassle-free fitting for installers. The multiple cable and water entry points make it the perfect replacement. Included is an easy-to-clean shower head with an efficient single spray pattern. 


  • Separate power and temperature controls make it easier to use
  • Triton products are rigorously tested 50,000 times before release
  • Separate temperature and flow controls
  • Multiple cable and water entry points
  • Cold, Eco and High settings
  • 2-Year warranty

4) Mira Sport Max Airboost

Mira Sport Max Airboost

Another top Mira shower, the Mira Sport Max Airboost will tempt you to shower more often than you need to! Armed with the innovative Airboost™ technology, you can experience an increase in water flow by up to a whopping 30% without using any more water – unlike power showers would! The water flow is also optimised with the Opti-Flo technology, which optimises the flow all year round no matter the season. You can also fine-tune your shower effortlessly thanks to the separate temperature control and power controls.

The included large 110mm, 4-spray shower head offers impressive coverage with the choice of four spray patterns. The shower head together with the shower also features Mira’s Clearscale technology as well, making it extremely easy to keep clean. As well as a phased shutdown, the Sport Max Airboost also has Mira Sensi-Flo technology, which protects you against sudden surges of hot water, making this a safe replacement for your home.


  • Separate power and temperature controls
  • Eco setting to help save energy and water
  • 2-year manufacturer warranty
  • Airboost technology increase flow by up to 30%
  • Features Mira’s Opti-Flo, Clearscale, Sensi-Flo, technologies
  • Mira Clearscale™ technology reduces limescale up to 50%
  • Mira Sensi-flo™ technology prevents scalding
  • Mira Opti-flo™ optimises shower flow

Read our full Mira Sport Max Airboost review.

5) Mira Jump

Mira Jump

Next up we have the Mira Jump. One great thing about this model is that it has many water and cable entry points, as well as flexible fittings, making installation a breeze. Thanks to the adjustable slide bar that fits neatly over gaps left by a previous shower, replacing other shower brands is very easy and efficient. This model also features Clearscale, reducing the accumulation of limescale by up to 50%.

Rub clean nozzles make cleaning the unit super simple. Speaking of simplicity, the Mira Jump has separate power and temperature controls, meaning you only have to set it once and you can enjoy it for showers to come. 


  • Adjustable slide bar fits neatly over holes left by a previous shower kit
  • Multi-fit allows for left or right-hand cable/pipe connections
  • Easily replace Mira or other brand showers
  • Eco setting to save water and energy
  • Quiet running at just 15dB
  • Simple controls
  • Easy to clean
  • 2 Year Warranty

Read our full Mira Jump review.

6) Mira Decor Dual

Mira Decor Dual

The Mira Decor Dual is a great electric shower that gives you the choice of two showerheads; a 90mm handset and the huge 200mm overhead deluge, which can be used separately or together, allowing you to design the perfect showering experience. As well as functionality, this shower is extremely aesthetic and comes in three finishes; Warm Silver, White, and Black Onyx, all with premium chrome detailing.

All of this combined makes the Mira Decor Dual a great replacement electric shower as it will both act as a centrepiece for your bathroom, as well as match your existing decor perfectly.


  • A clever diverter that maintains stable temperatures even when switching showerheads
  • Available in 3 colours
  • Quiet running at just 15dB
  • Mira Clearscale™ technology reduces limescale up to 50%
  • High-end aesthetic for less
  • Simple controls

Read our full Mira Decor Dual review.

7) Triton Aspirante II Collection Electric Shower

Triton Aspirante II Collection Electric Shower

Start or end your day in style with the Triton Aspirante II Collection Electric Shower. One of the aspects that stands out the most, I think, is the illuminated, soft-to-touch buttons and the design – both give this shower a very contemporary feel. For a more relaxed shower experience, this model has separate flow and temperature controls allowing you to adjust them to your liking.

It also provides a phased shutdown that helps reduce limescale build-up, which means you can clean the unit up quickly and it will last longer. The showerhead included is the Triton 3-position shower head (which made it on our best shower head list) features three great spray patterns; Drench, Rain and Jet. 


  • One touch operation once you set the preferred temperature
  • Multiple entry options for cable and water supply make it easier to replace existing units
  • A phased shutdown that reduces the accumulation of limescale
  • Anti-twist hose to prevent kinks
  • Illuminated soft-touch controls
  • 2-year warranty

8) Triton Collection II Electric Shower

Triton Collection II Electric Shower

Triton is one of the leading brands known for exceptional showers, and the Triton Collection II Electric Shower is no different. Made from stainless steel, it is safe and easy to use, and you can be assured that it will last a very long time, thanks to superior craftsmanship. This model features a phased shutdown, which works by flushing out any preheated water, thus helping to reduce the accumulation of limescale.

As with the other Triton shower mentioned, this shower also includes the Triton 3-position shower head. The shower hose included is a 1.5metre anti-twist hose, designed to reduce the likelihood of kinks from occurring, which can result in sudden surges of hot water, making this shower perfect for your family.


  • Minimum two-year guarantee with an option to extend up to 5 years
  • Cutting-edge, minimalist design
  • Soft touch LED controls
  • Simple to clean with a couple of wipes 

What is the best electric shower?

We found the best electric shower to be the Mira Azora Dual; it features a cool contemporary frosted glass design, limescale reduction technology, thermostatic temperature control, a massive 200mm deluge, 4-spray shower head, anti-scalding technology, separate temperature and power controls, a 2-year warranty, the list goes on and on with this excellent electric shower.

What is the average lifespan of an electric shower?

Many electric showers will work well for around four years before it is time for a replacement. Keep in mind that some may last many more years depending on factors like model, amount of use, and water quality,  among others. Always get a professional opinion on whether or not you should replace your current electric shower. 

Are Mira electric showers any good?

Many people will agree that Mira electric showers are some of the best on the market today. Mira designs premium shower and bathroom equipment that is perfect for consumers and installers alike. My favourite thing about Mira electric showers is the unique technologies they design (e.g. Clearscale, Sensi-Flo, etc). On top of that, they have a great customer care team, provide 2+ years on all their electric showers and they are fairly inexpensive.

Are Triton electric showers any good?

Triton electric showers are excellent products that are easy to install and use. They also come with plenty of features that help boost water flow, reduce limescale buildup, save water and energy and maintain temperature stability. Different models are also available, allowing consumers to compare various units before selecting the perfect one.

What is the best wattage for an electric shower?

The best wattage for an electric shower depends primarily on the water supply and the type of water pressure you are working with. 7.5kW to 8.5kW work well for locations with reliable water supplies because they require less power. Ultimately, if you would like a more powerful flow the best thing you can do is go for a high kW electric shower.

Is a 9.5 kW electric shower powerful?

Yes, 9.5kW is fairly powerful for a shower. The lowest wattage for an electric shower is typically 7.5kW and it goes up to around 10.5kW, making 9.5kW not that far away from the top power rating! In terms of power though, this is often subjective and depends on a number of factors, like water pressure and which mode you select on the shower. Ultimately, in terms of power rating, 9.5kW is one of the highest choices.

Which is the most powerful electric shower?

All electric showers, typically come in power ratings of between: 7.5kW up to 10.8kW. So based on that, the most powerful electric shower would technically be the one that is 10.8kW. However, most people when they ask about power, they are referring to how strong the shower spray is itself. As mentioned earlier, we found the Mira Sport Max Airboost to be the electric shower with the most power, mainly because of its innovative Airboost technology, which increases the flow of water by up to 30%! We also placed this shower on our power shower list.

How do I choose the best electric shower?

In order to choose the best electric shower, you need to identify what it is you want from a shower. Do you want an inexpensive electric shower? Do you want an electric shower with a lot of features? Do you want the most aesthetic-looking electric shower? Etc. At the top of this guide, I created lots of different categories to help you with this process.

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