The Best Rain Shower Head in 2023

Best Rain Shower Head in 2023

The Best Rain Shower Heads for massive coverage.

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There’s a global dispute between morning and nighttime shower enthusiasts. It’s an equally competitive split between cold and hot fans. But no matter what side you’re on, one thing’s for certain; a shower is an essential part of your everyday routine. It’s relaxing, therapeutic, and even helps people come up with great ideas — so why not optimize that experience with a rain shower head? 

Top Three Rain Shower Heads

These excellent shower heads take your bathroom luxury to a whole new level with excellent water pressure, wider flow coverage, and an overall lovely feeling of water cascading down. But, the market is just as competitive, which means finding the right model isn’t easy! Don’t worry, we’ve already taken care of the hard part for you with this list of premium rain shower heads. The selection is based on factors like installation ease, user-friendliness, spray pattern options, features, and more. Let’s get into it!

Our Best Rain Shower Head picks

1) Sparkpod Adjustable Rain Shower Head

Sparkpod Adjustable Rain Shower Head

At the top of the list, we have the Sharkpod Adjustable Rain Shower Head. It comes in two styles; chrome and radian rainbow, both of which look equally gorgeous. It’s designed to spray our hot water with wide enough coverage to douse your entire body with a rainfall-like flow. It features a five-minute installation process as it can connect to any shower arm that you may already have in your existing shower setup. 

It even comes with an additional water filter and some tape to make the process even easier. Since it’s made out of rust-proof ABS plastic, it offers the perfect blend of durability and affordability!


  • Great price
  • High visual appeal
  • Easy and quick to install
  • Features chrome finishing

2) Gurin Silicone-Nozzle Rain Shower Head

Gurin Silicone Nozzle Rain Shower Head

If you’ve got some mineral content in your home water supply, then the Gurin Silicone Nozzle Rain Shower Head is an ideal choice. That’s because it has 90 anti-clog silicone nozzles to help prevent water flow blockages that are generally caused by mineral and soap scum build-up. You can freely turn it up, down, left, and right to find the perfect showering position. 

With a maximum water flow of 2.5 GPM at a steady pressure, you can also expect some significant savings on your water bill! It features two different settings called rain and full allowing you to freely toggle between the two. Thanks to its chrome-plated finish, you won’t have any issues with its durability any time soon.


  • Easy to adjust
  • Multiple flow settings
  • Features self-cleaning, anti-clogging nozzles

3) Ibergrif 100 Silicone Jet Rain Shower Head

Ibergrif 100 Jet Rain Shower Head

At number three, we’ve got the Ibergrif 100 Silicone Jet Rain Shower Head. It’s the go-to choice for those of you looking for the widest coverage out there. The 100 nozzles on this eight-inch shower head will always have you covered! Rather than being wall-mounted, it’s designed to be positioned directly over your head to offer that rain-like spray. Thanks to its ultra-thin design, there’s no dripping even after you close the tap!

The shower head can tilt at up to 15 degrees while the swivel ball connector can rotate a full 360 degrees to offer class-leading adjustability. Also, it’s made out of stainless steel so durability isn’t an issue!


  • Premium build quality
  • Very wide coverage with 100 nozzles
  • Prevent limescale buildup
  • High value for money

4) Nearmoon 6-inch Rain Shower Head

Nearmoon 6-inch Rain Shower Head

Next, we have the Nearmoon 6-inch Rain Shower Head. Built out of stainless steel, it offers excellent protection against corrosion and regular wear and tear. It’s a round, ultra-slim shower head with an impressive thickness of just 0.08 inches — making it one of the sleekest-looking options on this list. It’s six inches in size, which means the water coverage isn’t the widest out there, but offers top-tier water pressure thanks to the combination of its air-in technology and super thin design.


  • Stunning, mirror-like chrome finish
  • One of the slimmest designs out there
  • Long service life with excellent rust resistance
  • Quick, two-step installation process

5) Voolan 12-Inch Rain Waterfall Shower Head

Voolan 12-inch Rain Shower Head

Next up, we have the Voolan 12-inch Rain Shower Head. It proudly wears the Amazon’s Choice tag under its name and it’s well-deserved since it’s such a well-rounded product (no pun intended). You can get it in 6, 8, 10, and 12 inches, with each of them offering a different combination of size and water pressure. 

Since it’s made out of 304 stainless steel, you can expect rust-free peace of mind even after long-term usage. It’s also lead-free, so there shouldn’t be any leakage, corrosion, or durability issues. You can get it in black, brushed nickel, and chrome colours to match your bathroom aesthetic.


  • Backed by a lifetime guarantee
  • Strong, stainless steel build with chrome plating
  • Many different sizes to choose from
  • Stainless steel

6) Grifema 10-inch Rain Waterfall Shower Head

Grifema 10-Inch Rain Shower Head

If you’re a jet fanatic when it comes to showers, the Grifema 10-inch Rain Waterfall Shower Head is the one for you! It features a whopping 126 jet nozzles, which is more than all other options that we’ve discussed on this list so far. You can expect excellent body coverage and steady water pressure throughout your shower!

With a 15-degree angle tilt and 360-degree swivel rotation, you can easily adjust the shower to an ideal position for yourself. The stainless steel, chrome-plated shower head is incredibly durable and completely rust-resistant. You can get it in two different sizes (10 or 12 inches) and two different shapes (round or square).


  • Highest number of jets on this list
  • Different choices for sizes and shapes are available
  • 15-degree angle tilt
  • 360-degree swivel

What features should I look for in a rain shower head?

So far, we’ve listed some of the highest-rated rain shower heads available online, but you still have to narrow it down to just one. We’ve got you covered — here’s an in-depth buyer’s guide to help you make an informed decision. 

Water Coverage

The most popular reason behind upgrading to a waterfall shower head is to get wider coverage with the water flow. Before deciding which one to get, make sure you know how much coverage you’d like to have. 

The bigger the head, the wider the water flow will be. Narrow heads, on the other hand, offer a more concentrated flow but with stronger water pressure. With this factor, the “right choice” mostly depends on your personal preferences. 

For a general idea, go with a 10-12 inch shower head for wider coverage, and an eight-inch one for a narrower water stream. 

Mounting Types

Shower heads can also differ in terms of their mounting hardware. Some can snap right into your current fittings just like swapping up a light bulb. Others, however, can only be mounted into the ceiling. Some are designed to be versatile and offer both mounting options. People commonly make the mistake of purchasing a great-looking rain shower head, only to find out that it can’t even work with their space. We recommend carefully checking the shower’s product page, or getting in touch with the manufacturers about its mounting mechanism to ensure it’s compatible with your bathroom.


High-quality rain shower heads offer all sorts of fancy features and settings, such as ones mimicking natural rainfall as well as a variety of spray patterns. You can also get bells and whistles like adjustable pressure, LED lighting effects, a handheld arm, and much more — so feel free to dig away at the market to find your ideal set of quirks in your rain shower head. After all, the market has something for everyone!


Material composition is a vital purchase consideration when you’re in the market for a new rain shower head. It directly impacts the ease of cleaning, durability, and how premium it looks in your bathroom. Most options are built out of metal with long-lasting build quality. You can also find shower heads with nozzles made out of silicone, plastic, or other materials. 

Be sure to think about matching the colour, finish, and material with the existing style of your bathroom. Also, keep practical considerations in mind, such as looking for self-cleaning nozzles if your tap water has a high concentration of mineral deposits to avoid buildup and flow blockages down the line.


Your rain shower head should also be very easy to install. Ideally, you shouldn’t have to pay a plumber to do the job for you. An affordable rain shower head can end up going over your budget if it requires you to find a contractor to take care of the installation. Rather, we’d recommend buying a product that’s designed to be easy to fit into your existing bathroom setup with a helpful user manual to guide you through the process — even if it means paying a bit extra. 

Also, make sure that all the tools or hardware that you need for the installation come included in the box!

What is the best rain shower head?

We found the best rain shower head to be the Sparkpod Rain Shower Head. Besides being massively popular online, it features a tool-free installation, 90 silicone and rub-clean jets, a 1-year free replacement warranty, rust-proof construction, universally connects to any shower arm in 5 mins and more!

Where should I place my rain shower head?

It should be placed right above to fully mimic that rainfall effect, which is why the most common way to position them is to mount them into your ceiling. You can also wall mount your rain shower head as long as the shower pipe connecting to the head is long enough to angle above you.

How high should my rain shower head be?

Ideally, it should be about 80 to 84 inches (203-215cm) off the ground, which is about 4 inches (10cm) higher than the regular showerheads. The extra height not only enhances the rainfall feeling but also helps make it easier to accommodate taller people.

How much water will I use with a rainfall shower?

If you’re like most people, your shower would last about 10 minutes. In that duration, a rain shower head uses up to 200 litres of water. That’s about as much as the capacity of an average bathtub.

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