The Best Shower Head Holder in 2023

Best Shower Head Holder in 2023

The Best Shower Head Holders no matter how heavy your shower head is.

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Handheld showers offer lots of flexibility in the bathroom and allow you to easily reach all areas of your body. But, they’ve got one downside — they always keep one of your hands occupied. That’s not ideal since stuff like scrubbing your feet and squeezing out products requires you to use both hands, which is where shower head holders come into play!

Top Three Shower Head Holders

These can safely hold your shower head in place whenever you need a second to wash your arms or rinse out your hair with both hands. It’s still going to be a handheld shower because you can always pull it right off the holder as needed. Convenient, right? But, with so many different shapes, sizes, materials, styles, and brands to choose from, the market can instantly overwhelm you with choices.

Don’t worry – here’s a carefully handpicked list of premium shower head holders to buy this year. There’s also a complete buyer’s guide to help you understand exactly what to look for – so keep reading!

Our Best Shower Head Holder picks

1) KES Adjustable Shower Head Holder

KES Adjustable Shower Head Holder

At the top of the list, we’ve got the KES Adjustable Shower Head Holder. It’s an ideal choice for the average consumer, being a budget-friendly option that still checks all the right boxes. It’s made out of ABS plastic with a chrome covering on top for added durability and a much more premium look and feel. It follows a smooth, tool-free installation process that doesn’t even require you to disassemble your shower rail. With a maximum weight limit of over 2 kg, it can hold any shower head out there without being a safety hazard. 


  • ABS plastic build with chrome covering
  • 360-degree rotation for easy spray angle adjustment
  • Anti-slipping design
  • Holds up to 2kg

2) Prozadalan Removable Shower Head Holder

Prozadalan Removable Shower Head Holder

Next up, we have the Prozadalan Removable Shower Head Holder. Its material composition consists of a mix of ABS, PVC, and metal to ensure complete rustproofing and high-end durability. It has a large, 7 cm diameter suction cup that offers great air tightness and premium moisture resistance. It also comes in an all-plastic variant which is slightly lower priced, making it a suitable choice for tenants.


  • The holder can withstand up to 2.5 kg weight
  • Large, strong, and long-lasting suction cup with a 7 cm diameter
  • High value for money
  • Available in both, metal and all-plastic variants

3) BBLIKE Chrome-Plated Hand Shower Bracket

BBLIKE Chrome-Plated Hand Shower Bracket

At number three, we’ve got the BBLIKE Chrome-Plated Hand Shower Bracket. It proudly wears the Amazon’s choice tag under it offering premium looks, high durability, and a smooth user experience at a great price! While it’s made out of plastic, the chrome plating on top makes it look like a luxurious bathroom accessory. 

The best part? It fits universally, which means you can swap out any rusty old shower head holder with this one without having to worry about those technical compatibility issues concerning size and type! 


  • Complete 360-degree rotation for easy adjustability
  • Universally compatible with all sizes of shower head holder fittings
  • Backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Quick and easy installation process

4) Hammerhead Metal Shower Head Holder Arm Mount

Hammerhead Metal Shower Head Holder Arm Mount

If you want absolutely no compromises on the build quality, longevity, and endurance of your new shower head holder, this Hammerhead Metal Shower Head Holder Arm Mount might be just for you! Compared to the options discussed above, this one requires you to spend some big bucks — almost three times as much! But, that’s only because it’s made out of high-end materials like brass, brushed nickel, and polished chrome. With this holder installed, you can safely kiss all your durability concerns goodbye!


  • The brass pivoting ball offers 360-degree rotation for the perfect angle
  • Features the best build quality on this list
  • Made out of brass, available in brushed nickel and polished chrome finishes

5) H&S Shower Head Holder Bar Pole Bracket

H&S Shower Head Holder Bar Pole Bracket

If you’re a fan of cylindrical holders, this H&S Shower Head Holder Bar Pole Bracket deserves a close look. It’s made out of toughened, chrome-plated plastic which offers plenty of rigidity without any corrosion risks since there’s no metal involved. This allows the holder to be long-lasting without being overly expensive, unlike brass and other metallic alternatives. 

The design is also practically sound, using easy-to-use mechanisms for height and angle adjustability as needed. 


  • 360-degree angle adjustability
  • Made out of hardened plastic with chrome plating
  • No risk of corrosion thanks to its metal-free build
  • Hassle-free height adjustability for all family members

6) Acefy Heavy Duty Wall Mounted Shower Head Holder

Acefy Heavy Duty Wall Mounted Shower Head Holder

Last but not the least, we have the Acefy Heavy Duty Wall Mounted Shower Head Holder. Just like the H&S one above, this is also made out of chrome-plated ABS plastic to offer heavy-duty resilience while still being lightweight and rustproof. 

Unlike most other holders that are attached to a shower railing, this one mounts directly to your bathroom wall and comes with all the necessary mounting hardware included in the box. The installation process is no longer than 5 minutes and offers a steadier and safer hold than those railing-mounted holders. 


  • Backed by a 2-year warranty
  • Wall-mounted shower head holder
  • Made out of high-quality, chrome-plated ABS plastic

What features should I look for in a shower head holder?

You might initially think that all shower head holders are more or less the same. But, it’ll only take you a glance to realize how diverse the market is when it comes to such bathroom accessories. From options, types, materials, and features to the product quality and brand — there are lots of considerations to keep in mind!

Here’s a detailed rundown of all these pointers to help you spend your money in the right place.


Let’s start with types. While they all fulfill the same purpose of holding your handheld shower in place, different types offer various possibilities. 

Common ones are attached to a shower slider rail (also known as a shower rise) which is a vertical railing that’s attached to your bathroom wall. The holder attaches to the rail, allowing you to adjust its height, angle, and positioning as required. You can detach it for handheld use at any time. It’s ideal for bathrooms that are shared by two or more family members since it offers sufficient height and angle adjustability to provide a comfortable experience for all.

Other types include holders with two sides, as well as shower mixer taps that are used to store your showerheads in a tidy way when they’re not in use. It helps you keep your bathroom organized, and also protects the showerhead from unnecessary moisture exposure leading to better corrosion prevention.

Ease of Use

The main reason why you’d be in the market for a showerhead holder is convenience! This involves essential user experience factors like ease of use, hassle-free cleaning, and most importantly — a quick and simple installation process. Not all of us are plumbers, so the showerhead holder should be designed in a way to allow regular folks to install it on a DIY basis. 

Any professional would charge a significant sum to show up at your doorstep and do the job for you, which ultimately adds to the product cost. So, look for shower head holders that are thoughtfully designed, and come with a detailed and helpful user manual for trouble-free DIY installation.


Aside from types and features, you’ve also got to pick the right material composition for your new shower head holder. There are many different builds to choose from, and the right choice mostly depends on your budget and needs. Plastic, for instance, isn’t the most durable option out there but it’s the most affordable one. This makes it an ideal choice for replacements in rental properties since you wouldn’t want to spend the big bucks on upgrades in a place you don’t own. 

On the other hand, 100% metal-made shower head holders offer way better endurance, strength, and build. They’re nowhere near the quality of their plastic counterparts, but that also reflects on their price tag. 

So, if you’re looking for long-lasting quality, we’d recommend looking into brass or stainless steel models. 


There’s another technical aspect of buying shower head holders that you need to be mindful of, and that’s compatibility. There’s no point investing in a top-tier product if it just doesn’t work with the fittings you already have in your bathroom. Unless you have at least some experience with plumbing or bathroom accessories, we’d recommend getting a holder with universal compatibility. 


It’s advisable to choose experienced, popular bathroom accessory brands when you’re looking for upgrades or replacement parts for your rusty old bathroom fittings. They’re a bit higher priced, but come with an underlying promise of high quality, long-term reliability, and a hassle-free user experience. That’s why all the products that we’ve shared in the above list are from reputable manufacturers!


Last but not least, your shower head holder must be safe. It should be sturdy enough to make sure that your shower head doesn’t fall on you or smash the floor while showering. Since they’re often quite heavy (especially the metal ones), they could potentially inflict a dangerous injury to the head and that’s the last thing you’d want to happen to you or your loved ones. Be sure to pay attention to the holder’s safety element! Is the brand safety-conscious? Does it come with sturdy and reliable mounting hardware?

How high should a handheld shower holder be mounted?

The ideal height for a shower head holder is about 72 to 78 inches. It allows enough headroom for tall people while still keeping it accessible for medium-sized or even shorter family members to detach and use it as a handheld shower. 

How do you tighten a handheld shower holder?

If your shower head holder feels a bit loose, that’s unsafe! You can give it an extra turn using a wrench to tighten it in place. Remember to place a cloth between the tool and the holder to avoid scratching it up.

Are all shower head holders the same size?

No, not all shower head holders come in the same size. They come in various designs, shapes, and sizes, but you can always find a universal fitting option that can mount onto any shower slide rail to replace any old shower head holder.

How do you replace a shower head holder?

Most shower riser rails have a top and bottom area that can be unscrewed. Once you take off the concealer cap, the screws will be visible. If you remove the screws you will then be able to slide the bar to the side and place the shower head holder on to the riser rail. Then simply put the screws back in and place the cap back on. Below is a video to show the process:

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