The Best Mira Thermostatic Shower in 2023

Best Mira Thermostatic Shower in 2023

The Best Mira Thermostatic Showers available right now.

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No one wants to jump in the shower only to be hit by a burst of sudden cold water. This is now a thing of the past, thanks to thermostatic showers. Thermostatic showers mix water from cold and hot supplies to achieve the ideal temperature. The best feature about these showers is that they react to changes in temperature automatically, so you never have to experience sudden bursts of scalding hot or cold water.

Top Three Mira Thermostatic Showers

One of the best thermostatic shower brands to choose from is Mira, who are a leading manufacturer of top-notch bathroom appliances. We have looked at all their range and ordered them below, allowing you to pick the best Mira thermostatic shower for your bathroom or shower. Let’s get into it.

Quick Glance: The Best Mira Thermostatic Shower Categories

Our Best Mira Thermostatic Shower picks

1) Mira Vigour

Mira Vigour

The Mira Vigour is a great power shower with everything you need when looking to enjoy a sensational shower experience. This excellent thermostatic shower is specifically designed for low-pressure water systems. You can use it easily on gravity-fed water systems because it has an internal pump that enhances water flow. Separate water and temperature flow controls allow you to tailor each shower to your liking.

The easy-to-clean showerhead also comes with four spray patterns to allow you to fine-tune your shower even further. Packaged in stylish and compact chrome and white design, the Vigour will look beautiful in any bathroom. You are also assured of safety while showering, thanks to thermostatic temperature stability.


  • Delivers up to 14 litres of water per minute
  • Includes an inbuilt pump to boost water flow
  • Comes with 4-spray shower head
  • Thermostatic temperature control
  • Simple controls
  • Easy to clean
  • 1 Year Warranty

2) Mira Azora

Mira Azora

Designed with secure and reliable thermostatic technology, prepare to feel the difference with the Mira Azora. It provides a host of high-performing features and benefits, including easy-to-use controls and anti-limescale technology. Users appreciate the adjustable shower handset that not only offers high-level practicality but fantastic performance as well. The Mira Azora Dual (the next model in the series) actually made it on our best Mira electric showers list too.

The Azora comes with a 4-spray shower head that allows you to switch between Saturate, Smooth, Stimulate, and Soak patterns. Another great feature of this model is the separate power and temperature controls. This allows you to essentially set and forget your preference and literally rinse and repeat daily with no effort.


  • Mira’s Clearscale technology reduces limescale accumulation 
  • Thermostatic control ensures you enjoy steady temperatures 
  • Mira Sensi-flo™ technology prevents scalding
  • Contemporary Design
  • Simple controls
  • Sound level of just 15dB
  • Easy to clean
  • 2 Year Warranty

Read our full Mira Azora review.

3) Mira Event

Mira Event

Enjoy both consistent water temperatures and power when you use the Mira Event. It is a powerful thermostatic shower with an integral pump that allows you to feel a refreshing boost each time you are showering. Thanks to its separate power, temperature and flow controls, you are able to fine-tune your shower and set and forget, so that you can simply push the power button and enjoy your shower.

Included is a large 110mm, shower head that has 4 spray patterns. The shower and shower head feature Mira’s Clearscale technology which reduces the buildup of limescale, ensuring that the Mira Event will last a lot longer than other showers. In case you have any issues with this shower you are covered by a 1-year warranty. Due to all these great features, we add this shower to our top power shower list.


  • Includes an inbuilt pump to boost water flow
  • Comes with 4-spray 110mm shower head
  • Thermostatic temperature control
  • Simple controls
  • Easy to clean
  • 1 Year Warranty

4) Mira Advance

Mira Advance

Next up, we have the award-winning Mira Advance. You can enjoy a safe and reliable showering experience with this shower. It offers Clearscale Pro technology that cuts limescale accumulation by up to 50%. The shower was designed with visually impaired users in mind. It presents high contrast in order to highlight touchpoints.

The unit also has distinctly audible beeps when the unit has reached the ideal temperature or when you turn it off and on. It also offers an easy-to-lower 110mm, 3-spray hand shower with a friction-grip handset holder. Speaking to safety, the Advance also features a phased shutdown, which flushes any hot water from the tank, in order to make showering safe for the next person to use it.


  • Mira Opti-floPro and Mira ClearscalePro technologies
  • Designed with the visually impaired in mind
  • Four max temperature settings
  • RNIB Approved Gold awarded
  • High contrast on touchpoints
  • 110mm 3-spray shower head
  • Easily accessible controls
  • 2-Year warranty

5) Mira Sport Thermostatic

Mira Sport Thermostatic

The Mira Sport is a very popular shower and they just so happen to make it in a thermostatic version too! With its thermostatic temperature control, you can rest assured that the Mira Sport will provide you with a consistent temperature throughout your shower. With its convenient push button activation and separate temperature and flow controls, you can set up the perfect shower and enjoy it daily without having to reconfigure it again.

The Sport comes complete with Mira’s notorious technologies like Sensi-flo and Clearscale which prevent scalding in case of a kink in the shower and reduce limescale buildup to ensure your shower lasts much longer and provides better performance. Also part of the Clearscale design is the included shower head, which is a large 110mm handheld shower with four spray patterns for you to choose from.


  • Thermostatic temperature control
  • Separate power and temperature controls
  • Eco setting to help save energy and water
  • 2-year manufacturer warranty
  • Features Mira’s Opti-Flo, Clearscale, Sensi-Flo, technologies
  • Mira Clearscale™ technology reduces limescale up to 50%
  • Mira Sensi-flo™ technology prevents scalding
  • Mira Opti-flo™ optimises shower flow

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6) Mira Escape

Mira Escape

Probably one of my favourite designs of any shower, we have the Mira Escape – just look at that sleek chrome fascia! Another great Mira electric shower with thermostatic temperature control, this shower will both ensure a consistent temperature while looking amazing in your bathroom or shower. I love the fact that this shower features retro dials while also looking futuristic and modern. Turning on the Escape is easy, simply push the power button and it is ready to go. Once you have configured the right flow and temperature settings you don’t need to worry about it again.

Naturally, this thermostatic shower includes Clearscale technology which also covers the shower head as well. Another great thing about this shower is the number of temperature safety features. Firstly, as it is a thermostatic shower the temperature is consistently maintained. On top of this, it features a max temperature setting, as well as a, phased shut down module, making the Escape perfect for your family.


  • Large 4-spray shower head
  • Futuristic design
  • Phased shut down
  • Eco setting to save water and energy
  • Max Temperature setting
  • Simple controls
  • Easy to clean
  • 2 Year Warranty

7) Mira Minimal

Mira Minimal

The Mira Minimal is the shower you’ve been looking for if you are in the market for a compact, stylish, and powerful shower with a minimalist design. True to its name, it helps save space because it has been made with a smaller footprint than most traditional bar valve showers. It offers users a single control for turning the shower off and on, and the product also boasts high performance with a great flow rate even at low pressure. This makes it suitable for all pressures and systems.

As well as all these excellent features, the Minimal includes the Mira Beat, which is one of Mira’s top shower heads. In terms of safety features, this shower has an adjustable maximum temperature and an automatic shutdown, making it a great choice for your household. This model also comes with a huge 5-year warranty, for massive peace of mind. It is hard to believe this shower possesses all of these top features but is so inexpensive! This shower, of course, made it on our best Mira showers roundup.


  • Thermostatic Technology
  • Includes the Mira Beat
  • Suitable for all plumbing systems
  • Mira Clearscale™ reduces limescale up to 50%
  • Mira Magni-Flo™
  • Mira CoolShield™
  • Automatic shutdown (within 2 secs)
  • Adjustable maximum temperature
  • Simple controls
  • Easy to clean
  • 5-Year Warranty

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What is the best Mira thermostatic shower?

We found the best Mira thermostatic shower to be the Mira Vigour; it outputs up to 14 litres of water per minute, features an inbuilt pump to boost water flow, includes a 4-spray shower head, thermostatic temperature controls, separate temperature and flow settings, reduces limescale by up to 50%, separate temperature and power controls, a 1-year warranty, the list goes on and on with this excellent thermostatic shower by Mira.

Are Mira thermostatic showers better than regular Mira electric showers?

Although both are great options, Mira’s thermostatic showers, in my opinion, are slightly better than regular electric showers. Thermostatic temperature control is much more precise than the traditional pressure stabilisation you find on a regular electric shower. With that said, there are several models listed above that are a mixture of both!

What is the difference between a Thermostatic Shower and a Mixer Shower?

A mixer shower is designed to mix cold and hot water to the user’s set temperature, just like the thermostatic shower. The primary difference is that the mixer shower cannot react to sudden spikes in temperature change. A thermostatic shower will immediately respond to the changes and adjust temperatures accordingly, making them much safer than most showers.

Are Mira thermostatic showers any good?

Mira thermostatic showers are among the best products you can find on the market. They are reliable, safe, and made with different technologies that make them great products for the entire family. They are also easy to install, and you can find different units available to choose the one that suits your budget, needs, and preferences best.

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