The Best Mira Shower Head in 2023

Best Mira Shower Head in 2023

Mira shower heads are some of the best shower heads on the market.  From their quality construction, to their selection of different shower head designs, Mira truly makes great shower heads!

However, there are a lot of different Mira shower heads to choose from. It’s important to weigh up the benefits versus the cons for each one to truly find the shower head that’s perfect for you.

Luckily, we’ve done the heavy lifting for you! After lots of research, and a deep dive into each and every one of Mira’s shower heads, you will learn everything you need to know about them, in order to buy the right one!

The Best Mira Shower Head Categories

Our Best Mira Shower Head Picks

1) Mira Response

The Mira Response 4-spray shower head is the perfect choice for your bathroom or shower. This shower head includes a water-saving option, rub-clean nozzles, and an easy-to-fit design. The 4-spray refers to the choice of four great spray patterns; a massaging rain setting, a water-saving eco setting, and two-directional settings that provide either full body spray or a focused spray.

An adjustable arm allows you to direct the flow of water exactly where you need it, while its rub-clean nozzles allow quick limescale removal and easy cleaning. The Mira Response is available in both white and chrome and as a single head, with a metal shower hose, or a standard shower hose.


  • One of the most affordable options from Mira
  • Provides 4 different spray modes
  • It will work with any shower on any system
  • Provides 50% more flow due to it’s unique design.
  • Very popular online

2) Mira Citrus

The next option in the Mira shower head family is the Mira Citrus. The Citrus is a wonderful option for anybody that wants a little more out of their shower head as opposed to going with the more basic, bare-bones models out there. As well as its premium aesthetic, it is easy to clean, thanks to its rub-clean nozzles and extremely easy to install.

This shower head provides great coverage thanks to its massive 110mm spray face and even features 5 different spray patterns to choose from. Still, the Citrus is quite affordable and perfect for those that need an economical option. The chrome finish gives it a premium feel as well. Mira provide a 1-year guarantee for the Citrus for peace of mind.


  • Premium look and feel with a chrome finish
  • 5-spray patterns
  • Large 110mm spray face
  • Mira offers a 1-year guarantee
  • It has rub-clean nozzles for easy limescale removal
  • Universally compatible

3) Mira Logic

The Mira Logic is a versatile 4-spray shower head that comes in chrome or white and offers a calming selection of spray patterns. This shower head is also very easy to clean meaning in just a few seconds it will be clean with a quick wipe. One great thing about the Mira Logic is that it features a water-saving economy setting, helping to save you water and therefore, in the long term, money.

It is compatible with any shower system and will fit any shower hose, thanks to its universal BSP thread. You can get the Mira Logic in either the sleek chrome pictured above or a nice brilliant white, though in my opinion, the chrome looks great.


  • Features a water-saving economy setting
  • 4 different spray modes
  • Universal fit
  • Comes with a 1-year guarantee

4) Mira Beat

If you’re looking for a smooth, modern-looking shower head for your bathroom, the Mira Beat could be a great option for you. This shower head combines functionality with style seamlessly, while also being easy to clean thanks to its rub-clean nozzles.

You can get the Mira Beat in chrome or white and it’s also available in a variety of sizes and hose options too. This Mira shower head features 4 different spray patterns to choose from; Rain, Rain+, Burst and Storm, allowing you to select the right spray for your mood. Like the other great Mira shower heads you are covered by a one-year warranty but keep in mind that this only applies to UK purchases.


  • 4 spray patterns
  • Works with any shower on any system
  • It fits with any hose and fitting
  • Features a 1-year guarantee

5) Mira 360

If you’re ready to experience a bit more luxury and move on from standard shower heads, then the Mira 360 is exactly what you are looking for. The Mira 360 shower head is one of their more higher-end shower heads and features a built-in swivel that gives a premium feel to an already quality brand. This swivel isn’t just for aesthetic appeal, it is the functional means to how you select one of the four great spray patterns; Rain, Burst, Cloud and Storm.

Available in Chrome/Black as well as Chrome/White, this shower head can fit in well with any bathroom design or colour scheme. The only downside with the 360 is, that while it is compatible with any shower hose, unfortunately, it’s only suitable for mixer or digital showers.


  • Features Mira’s FlipStream Technology
  • 4 Spray patterns to choose from
  • Optional extras include a metal shower hose, a plastic hose, or a shower slide bar
  • Universal fit
  • Mira offers a 1-year warranty

Read our full Mira 360 Review.

6) Mira White

The Mira White is the perfect option for those looking for a solid, basic, durable shower head that will get the job done, but not necessarily turn any heads. It’s not that the Mira White is unpleasant to look at, it’s just a very simple and appealing design. 

While the Mira White isn’t at the top of the list, it will provide you with a comforting water flow and a simple installation. While being a basic Mira shower head, it comes with four great shower spray patterns which is pretty good for a no-frills shower head. You are also covered by a 1-year warranty for peace of mind. 


  • Rub-clean nozzles make it easy to clean
  • This shower head is a universal fit
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty
  • Offers 4 shower spray modes

What is the best Mira shower head to buy?

We have found the best Mira shower head to be the Mira Response Shower Head; it is affordable, has 4 spray patterns, is designed to increase flow by up to 50%, etc, all of which explains why it is so popular online!

Are Mira shower heads Universal?

Mira shower heads are universally compatible with all sizes of hoses – meaning they can replace your previous shower head. Not only that, but they are easy to install and rarely require the use of any tools to install. However, there are some shower heads that are only compatible with specific Mira showers – the Mira 360 shower head, for example, is only compatible with digital or mixer showers, so definitely keep this in mind. 

How often should you change your Mira shower head?

Depending on the quality of your water, it is recommended that you change your shower head every 6 to 12 months. This will help to ensure that your shower head is working properly and providing you with the best possible showering experience!

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