The Best Mira Digital Shower in 2023

Best Mira Digital Shower in 2023

In my opinion, digital showers are one of the best investments out there. They make your bathing sessions more relaxed and far more enjoyable than regular shower systems. Digital showers come with digital thermostats that control water flow and temperature. This allows you to adjust them to your liking, sometimes even outside of your bathroom or shower!

But you absolutely must pick the right digital shower brand if you are looking to upgrade yours. They can be quite pricey, especially compared to other showers on the market. That’s where Mira Digital Showers come in. Mira is one of the top names in the industry and has a wide range of showers. These include mixer, thermostatic, electric, and, of course, digital!

Below we have selected the best Mira digital showers available right now. We hope this saves you from having to do the research yourself and make the right choice. Let’s get into it!

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Our Best Mira Digital Shower Picks

1) Mira Platinum Dual

Mira Platinum Dual

After using the Mira Platinum Dual once, you will wonder where it has been all your life. Featuring thermostatic technology, it offers excellent temperature control. This means the temperature is always stable and therefore reduces the likelihood of getting scalded by hot water. The wireless controller lets you adjust settings very easily, allowing you to fine-tune your showering experience.

My favourite thing about the Mira Platinum Dual is that you can easily control the shower completely wirelessly. You can turn the shower on or off, control the temperature and even activate the warm-up mode. Additional wireless controllers can also be purchased and be kept by the bed, in the office, etc – as long as within 10m.


  • Digital clock display that tracks shower time
  • Mira 360 shower head offers four unique sprays
  • A warm-up mode that pauses at your ideal temperature
  • Fairly easy to install
  • Thermostatic temperature stability
  • 5-Year Warranty

2) Mira Activate Dual

Mira Activate Dual

Imagine remotely controlling your shower all from your mobile phone – this is exactly what’s possible with the Mira Activate Dual! Easily switch temperatures, water flow, water usage, and quickly access support, all from your phone – meaning you can be in bed and do this!

This great smart shower also allows you to select preset shower profiles like post-work-out, wake-up, wind-down, and water-saving eco, all allowing you to design the perfect shower experience. The Mira Activate Dual also comes complete with the Mira Switch shower head, which is a top Mira shower head, having four spray modes and a large unique 130mm spray head.


  • Digital controller displays time and live temperature
  • Preset or personalised showering profiles
  • A smart speaker that starts the shower
  • Great spray coverage thanks to a 250mm overhead deluge
  • Award-winning smart shower

3) Mira Vision Dual

Mira Vision Dual

Experience the future of showering with the Mira Vision Dual. This digital mixer shower combines everything you need for the perfect luxury clean. My personal favourite thing about this smart shower is that you can either divert between the massive overhead deluge and separate Mira 360 shower head or have both of them running at once!

Easily keep track of time during your shower with the digital clock on the controller as well as control all aspects of the shower. An additional wireless controller is also available meaning you can control the shower from outside of your bathroom or shower room! Keep in mind this is up to 10m away from the valve but should work from most nearby rooms, which is great!


  • 360 showerhead with four sprays and flip action
  • Separate flow and temperature controls
  • Programmable functions like clock display, eco-setting, and warm-up mode
  • 5-Year Warranty

4) Mira Mode Dual

Mira Mode Dual

I will understand if you never want to leave the bathroom after using the Mira Mode Dual – just look at it. This stylish unit gives users ultimate control of their smart showering experience, thanks to the free Mira Mode app. Its huge overhead deluge and Mira Switch handset, which allows the user the choice of four shower sprays, can either be used separately or simultaneously.

The Mira Mode Dual features a nifty warm-up mode, which causes the wireless controller’s LED indicator lights to flash whilst the shower is warming up. You also have the choice to program up to 10 preset patterns ensuring, the ideal depth and temperature every time at the press of a button. To top this all off, this digital shower is covered by a massive 5-year warranty, which is pretty standard for Mira Digital Showers, unlike other showers brands on the market.


  • Full control via your mobile phone
  • Easy to install
  • Two shower heads for maximum coverage
  • Includes the Mira Switch
  • Minimalist design with LED indicator lights

5) Mira Mode Maxim

Mira Mode Maxim

Finally, we have the Mira Mode Maxim, which as the name suggests is similar to the Mira Mode Dual. The difference? The humongous 300m overhead deluge, comes with Mira’s CloudCore™ Spray Technology, which is a super easy-to-clean, removable central mist core, with an optional secondary spray for hard water installations.

Depending on your mood, you can switch between various hand shower sprays at any time. Also, you are able to choose from a variety of settings like; shower duration, warm-up, and maximum temperature, to design your personal showering experience, all with the free Mira Mode app. Just like the rest of these great digital showers, the Mira Mode Maxim comes with a 5-year warranty.


  • Push-button controller with clever features
  • Precise thermostatic temperature control 
  • Superior coverage with two shower heads
  • Also comes with the Mira Switch
  • Optional control using the app

What is the best Mira Digital Shower?

We found the best Mira digital shower to be the Mira Platinum Dual; it features a digital clock display, comes with the Mira 360 shower head (which is one of the best Mira shower heads), 5-year warranty, can be controlled via mobile phone, thermostatic temperature control, need I say more?!

Are Mira Digital Showers any good?

Mira digital showers are among the best showers you can get. They offer many innovative features, for example, a thermostat that enables accurate temperature control, multiple preset modes, a wireless controller that works from outside the bathroom, etc. All of which allow for an absolute luxurious showering experience. Mira also provide their digital showers with a 5-year warranty, implying they are confident about the products they sell. Finally, they are a household name within the bathroom and shower industry, having been around for over 90+ years!

How does a Mira Digital shower work?

Mira Digital Showers comprises three primary parts; the user interface, digital mixer valve, and shower fittings. The mixer is the core of the shower, taking water from cold and hot supplies and mixing it to offer users the ideal temperatures. They are designed to make installation fast and easy with fewer disruptions while giving bathrooms and showers that minimalistic, sleek look. 

How do I reset my Mira Digital shower?

Resetting your Mira digital shower is an easy process that only takes a few seconds. Simply turn off the unit for 15 seconds, then turn it back on and give it 15 more seconds to reset automatically. If this does not offer the solution you need, and the problem persists, it is best to contact Mira’s customer service team for support. 

How to choose the best Mira Digital shower?

Selecting the best Mira Digital shower solely depends on your needs. Start by thinking of what you want from a Mira Digital shower and then compare the available models and check out their features. That way you can pick the one that will best fulfil your needs. For example, some Mira Digital Showers are single-head units, which would not be suitable for me (I like dual-head showers). I’d also add that it is important to remember to select a shower with high-pressure valves for a combi boiler and pumped showers for gravity-fed systems.

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