The Best Mira Electric Shower in 2023

Best Mira Electric Shower in 2023

There’s no better feeling than stepping into a nice hot shower in the morning to get you ready for the day. One thing I love about electric showers is that they heat up quickly, they’re usually simpler to install, and as they are powered by electricity, are usually more energy-efficient as well.

There are lots of great brands out there but one brand that stands out for me is Mira’s Electric Showers. Mira Electric Showers are definitely among the best options available in the market. This is an established brand that is dedicated to designing innovative, robust and safe electric showers. With that in mind, let’s have a look at some of the best Mira Electric Showers out right now.

The Best Mira Electric Shower Categories

Our Best Mira Electric Shower picks

1) Mira Sport Max Airboost

Mira Sport Max Airboost

The Mira Sport Max Airboost Electric Shower delivers the company’s patented Airboost technology, which boosts the flow of the water coming out of the shower head, increasing flow by up to 30% – without using any extra water! This together with Mira’s OptiFlo technology, which optimised the flow throughout the year no matter the season, makes this a powerful yet efficient electric shower.

This shower is one of my favourites because it comes with many great features. One being the Mira SensiFlo technology, which protects against sudden surges of hot water. It also features Mira’s Clearscale technology, which is designed to reduce limescale build-up by up to 50%, ensuring it is easier to clean and lasts that much longer than regular electric showers. The large 110mm, 4-spray shower head, combined with its contemporary design, makes it a perfect fit for any bathroom.


  • Patented technology that increases and optimises water flow
  • Large 110mm showerhead for better coverage
  • Rub clean nozzles for quick limescale removal
  • Premium shower fittings and chrome detailing for easy installing
  • 2-year warranty

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2) Mira Jump

Mira Jump

Next up we have the Mira Jump. This affordable electric shower from Mira has been designed to be able to replace any existing shower, thanks to the multiple cable and entry point options. It also features an adjustable slide bar that fits neatly over holes left by a previous shower installation, making this the perfect choice for installers and consumers alike.

The Mira Jump comes with a 4-spray shower head that provides great coverage and is easy to clean as well, thanks to the rub-clean nozzle and Mira Clearscale technology, designed to reduce the build-up of limescale by 50%. Thanks to the separate power and temperature controls, you can set and forget your favourite settings and activate them with the push of a button.


  • Easily replace previous showers thanks to multi-fit
  • Quiet running at just 15dB
  • Mira offers a two-year guarantee on domestic installations
  • Lasts longer thanks to Clearscale™ technology
  • Separate power/temperature controls
  • Has eco setting

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3) Mira Sport

Mira Sport

The Mira Sport, touted by Mira is “The UK’s best-selling electric shower”, and for good reason too. The Mira Sport is the ideal replacement shower if you are looking for something that’s easy to use while also aesthetically pleasing. With push-button activation and a relatively straightforward installation process, you can replace your existing shower without worry.

As well as Mira’s Clearscale™ technology, which reduces the likelihood of limescale buildup, it also features a phased shutdown, making it safe for the next user. Another great feature of the Mira Sport is that it has a big 110mm handheld shower head, with four spray patterns to choose from. As part of Mira’s Clearscale, the shower head also has rub-clean nozzles, making this model extremely easy to clean and maintain.


  • Several temperature safety features
  • Mira say its the “UK’s best selling electric shower”
  • 2-year warranty (domestic installations)
  • Features Clearscale™ & SensiFlo™ technologies
  • Includes a large 110mm shower head

4) Mira Azora

Mira Azora

The Mira Azora has an impressive range of features. Being one of the best Mira electric showers, it naturally features Mira’s Clearscale™ technology. Additionally, with this model, the temperature is controlled via a thermostat, making it extremely efficient and ensuring that there are no sudden changes in temperature that we are all too familiar with! Speaking of temperature control, the Azora comes with Mira’s Sensi-flo™ technology, which is designed to protect you against sudden surges of hot water in the event that, for example, there is a kink or blockage in the shower hose.

We cannot forget, of course, the Azora’s amazing polished chrome finish and frosted glass fascia glass, which is a welcomed change from typical white/plastic models out there. With this electric shower also comes a large shower head, featuring four different spray modes to select from. This shower is also one of the best Mira thermostatic showers as well.


  • Lots of temperature safety features
  • Large shower head with 4 spray patterns
  • 2-year warranty
  • Lasts longer thanks to Clearscale™ technology
  • Stylish design

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5) Mira Vie

Mira Vie

At number 5, we have the super-affordable Mira Vie. The Mira Vie is a great replacement shower, as it is not only cheap, but it also has flexible fittings (similar to the Mira Jump) making it nice and easy to install. Also, it uses advanced pressure stabilised temperature control to provide consistent performance, so you won’t have to worry about changes in temperature during your shower.

While this is one of Mira’s entry-level electric showers, it surprisingly comes with their famed Clearscale™ technology, making the Vie last much longer than other showers. You have three flow settings that you can activate easily with an on/off push button. As well as simple power controls, configuring the temperature is a breeze. All you have to do is set your chosen temperature using the dial and that will be the last time you will need to touch it.


  • Wallet-Friendly
  • Quiet running at just 15dB
  • Mira offers a two-year guarantee on domestic installations
  • Lasts longer thanks to Clearscale™ technology
  • Flexible installation fittings

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6) Mira Decor Dual

Mira Decor Dual

Next, we have the Mira Decor Dual – an electric shower that you don’t have to spend a fortune on that’s both beautiful and reliable. The Mira Decor Dual is a sleek and stylish electric shower that is easy to install, reduces limescale by 50% (thanks to Mira Clearscale) and has a 2-year warranty on domestic installations. Plus it’s quieter than most electric showers, clocking in at just 15dB.

As the name suggests, this shower comes with two shower heads – a 90mm hand-held shower, and a 200mm overhead deluge, that provides maximum coverage. The Mira Decor Dual has separate temperature and power controls, being activated with just the push of a button. So, if you have already configured your temperature settings using the dial, you can just push the power button and enjoy your shower.


  • High-end aesthetic for less
  • Quiet running at just 15dB
  • Mira offers a two-year guarantee on domestic installations
  • Lasts longer thanks to Clearscale™ technology
  • Features two shower heads

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What is the best Mira Electric Shower?

We found the best Mira electric shower to be the Mira Sport Max Airboost; it features Airboost technology, Mira Clearscale, Sensi-Flo, OptiFlo technologies, a large 110mm shower head, a 2-year warranty, the list goes on and on!

Which is the most powerful Mira electric shower?

With all Mira electric showers, they typically come in the power ratings of: 7.5kW, 8.5kW, 9.0kW, 9.5kW & 10.8kW. So based on that, the most powerful Mira electric shower would technically be the one that is 10.8kW. However, most people when they ask about power, they are referring to how strong the shower spray is itself. As mentioned earlier, we found the Mira Sport Max Airboost to be the Mira electric shower with the most power, mainly because of its innovative Airboost technology, which increases the flow of water by up to 30%!

Are all Mira electric shower fittings the same?

No, all of the Mira electric shower fittings are not the same – which I confirmed by speaking directly with their customer service team. The only Mira electric showers that have suitable fittings are any of the multi-fit series (e.g. Mira Jump, Mira Vie, etc).

Are Mira electric showers any good?

Absolutely, Mira electric showers are some of the best showers you will find out there. Apart from just being great electric showers, as you would have seen from this guide, they have many different innovative technologies that make them even better. Thinking of the Mira Clearscale technology for instance, or any of them for that matter, when you consider the market, there aren’t many other shower brands that have these kinds of innovations.

How do I choose the best Mira electric shower?

In order to choose the best Mira electric shower, you need to identify what it is you want from a shower. Do you want an inexpensive shower? Do you want a lot of features? Do you want the most aesthetic shower? And so on. At the top of this guide, I created lots of different categories to help you with this process.

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