The Best Digital Shower in 2023

Best Digital Shower in 2023

The Best Digital Showers on the market (and we actually mean digital).

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With all the technological advancements going on in the world it’s only right that we finally saw some within the shower space.

Digital showers are called digital showers because they can be controlled using digital means like a wireless or digital controller.

They function similarly to mixer showers by blending water from both your hot and cold supply to produce the perfect temperature.

Because of the wireless controller, the temperature is far more precise too as it is digitally controlled and maintained. To be clear, an LED light on a shower does not make it digital!

Top Three Digital Showers

As digital showers are controlled via digital or wireless this means you are able to activate your shower from outside of your bathroom! How cool is that? Some other amazing features are remote thermostats, warm-up modes, digital-shower-specific shower heads, programmable presets, and more!

We have looked at all the best digital showers online and sorted them for you below. Let’s take a look.

Quick Glance: The Best Digital Shower Categories

Our Best Digital Shower picks

1) Mira Platinum Dual

Mira Platinum Dual

Experience the ultimate in technological luxury with the Mira Platinum Dual. You can control the shower completely wirelessly, using the digital controller to do things like turn the shower on or off, adjust the temperature and even activate the warm-up mode. Additional wireless controllers can also be purchased and be kept by the bed, in the office, etc – as long as within 10 meters away. This top digital shower comes in Black and Chrome and has a digital clock display that you can use to view the time while taking a shower.

As the name suggests, it comes with two shower heads: a lavish 250mm chrome deluge head and the Mira 360 shower head, which is a unique shower head that has 4 spray patterns, all selected using one flip action. It’s one of Mira’s best shower heads. The thermostatic temperature stability ensures that everyone in the family can safely take a shower without worrying about getting burnt.


  • Configure and power on/off the shower wirelessly
  • Includes 360 Shower Head & 250mm Deluge
  • Thermostatic Technology
  • Up to 5 x Additional Wireless Controllers are available
  • No clunky mixer valve on display
  • Can save presets
  • Warm-up mode
  • Futuristic Design
  • Very simple controls
  • 5 Year Warranty

Read our full Mira Platinum Dual review.

2) Mira Platinum

Mira Platinum

The only shower that comes close to the Mira Platinum Dual, in my opinion, is (of course) the Mira Platinum. The main difference between the two is the Dual comes with two shower heads – the handheld and the overhead deluge, whereas the Mira Platinum just has the handheld Mira 360 shower head. While it may seem lesser, the Mira Platinum is still an outstanding digital shower.

You still benefit from the wireless controller that allows you to design the perfect shower experience from another room. You can also turn on/off the shower, configure the flow by rotating the chrome bezel, control the temperature, set run time and shower duration, pre-set or limited to eco mode and also display the time. You can also connect up to 5 additional controllers if you would like some located in different rooms or maybe as an option for your family.


  • Configure and power on/off the shower wirelessly
  • Includes Mira 360 Shower Head
  • Thermostatic Technology
  • Can save presets
  • Warm-up mode
  • Up to 5 x Additional Wireless Controllers available
  • No clunky mixer valve on display
  • Futuristic Design
  • Very simple controls
  • 5 Year Warranty

Read our full Mira Platinum review.

3) Mira Mode Dual

Mira Mode Dual

Another great shower from Mira the Mira Mode Dual. As well as being a top digital shower, the Mode Dual features a luxuriant 200mm deluge head and a separate large, 130mm Mira Switch shower head, which can be used simultaneously for a spa-like experience. The Mira Switch was actually Independently accredited by the Skin Health Alliance, making it safe for users that have sensitive skin.

Where this shower differs from the Platinum series mentioned previously is it connects with the Mira Showers app. Using this app, you can control and operate the Mode Dual completely from your phone, activate warm-up mode, configure pre-sets, and more! Another great feature of the app is that you can track your water usage allowing you to manage your bills better.


  • Includes 200mm overhead deluge + the Mira Switch 130mm showed head
  • Mira Switch was accredited by the Skin Health Alliance
  • Can be remotely controlled using the Mira app
  • Warm-up mode, configurable presets and more
  • Track water usage on the app
  • Thermostatic temperature control
  • Simple controls
  • Easy to clean
  • 5 Year Warranty

4) Aqualisa Optic Q Smart Shower

Aqualisa Optic Q Smart Shower

Experience the future of showering with the Aqualisa Optic Q Smart Shower. Just like most of the best smart showers, you can control this one totally remotely, using a multitude of methods like; Wifi, the Aqualisa app, Amazon’s Alexa, Google Nest, etc. You can even control this digital shower with your voice using the Alexa or Google Nest – how cool is that?!

My favourite aspect of the Optic Q is the number of different ways it helps you become more efficient with your water usage. Once in the shower, it features proximity sensors that reduce the water flow when you move away from the shower. It also includes an eco mode that allows you to save up to 33% of water. To go even further, the Aqualisa app allows you to track your water usage. Thermostatic temperature control and adjustable maximum temperature settings make this smart shower safe for the family.


  • Can be controlled remotely using many of the popular remote technologies
  • Proximity sensor reduces water flow when you leave the shower
  • Create unique shower profiles for the whole family
  • Track water usage and costs with the app
  • Eco mode saves up to 33% water
  • Thermostatic temperature control
  • 5-Year warranty (when registered with Aqualisa)

5) Aqualisa Unity Q Smart Shower

Aqualisa Unity Q Smart Shower

Another excellent digital shower from Aqualisa is the Unity Q Smart Shower. Just like the Optic Q, you can connect the shower to your wifi, the Aqualisa app, Amazon’s Alexa, Google Nest, etc therefore you can either control your shower totally remotely or even use your voice to activate it, via Alexa or Google Nest. Additionally, you can also track water usage or set profiles for your family using their intuitive app.

Where the Unity Q differs is it features a boost button that will immediately boost the performance of your shower. Supporting this and providing great coverage, is the massive 130mm handheld shower that is included. If you register your shower with Aqualisa you can also benefit from a 5-year warranty, ensuring you are covered for a very long time.


  • Can be controlled remotely using many of the popular smart home technologies
  • LED display tells you when your selected temperature has been reached
  • Boost button increases the performance of the shower
  • Create custom shower profiles for the whole family
  • Track water usage and costs with their app
  • Thermostatic temperature control
  • 5-Year warranty (when registered with Aqualisa)

6) Triton Home Digital Mixer Shower

Mira Escape

Last, but not certainly not least, we have the Triton Home Digital Mixer Shower. With 16 temperature and 10 flow levels, using the wireless controller, you have many options at your disposal. On top of this, you are able to save your desired settings as a pre-set that you can quickly activate without a moment’s notice. In addition, the wireless controller is splash-proof and IPX4 rated so it can be located anywhere!

Another great aspect of this digital shower is that it is silent running, using new digital brushless quiet motor technology. This means you can shower whenever you like, without worrying about waking your household. This Triton digital shower also features a gargantuan 300mm overhead deluge, as well as a handheld shower, which you can either choose between or use both at once for maximum coverage. 


  • Wireless Controller can be located anywhere
  • Wireless Controller is splash-proof
  • 16 temperature settings
  • 10 flow levels
  • Silent running
  • Futuristic design
  • 300mm overhead deluge
  • Simple controls
  • 5-Year Warranty

What is the best digital shower?

We found the best digital shower to be the Mira Platinum Dual; you can both configure and power the shower on or off completely wirelessly with the digital controller (you can use up to 5 in your home), you get the Mira 360 plus a massive 250mm overhead deluge, digital thermostatic technology, the mixer valve is not on display, save and activate presets, warm-up mode, 5-year warranty, it is one of the best Mira digital showers, etc.

Are digital showers any good?

Digital showers are more than good – they are excellent. While they can be on the pricey side compared with, say, electric showers, they have precise temperature control, which is typically managed using a wireless device – which is amazing! Also, they usually have higher warranty periods, meaning if anything goes wrong you are covered for several years. There are plenty of digital shower reviews out there which prove they are fantastic.

What is the difference between a Digital Shower and a Smart Shower?

As mentioned earlier, the main thing that defines a digital shower is the temperature control aspect – this is done digitally. Smart showers on the other hand are more advanced digital showers with features such as wifi connection, voice activation, app integration for remote controls, tracking your water usage, etc.

Do digital showers need electricity?

Yes, digital showers absolutely need electricity to function.

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