Triton T80 Review

Summary The Triton t80 Electric Shower is a safe and reliable choice for anyone looking for an easy-to-use, high-quality electric shower. Established in 1975, Triton is a trusted brand in the UK known for its innovative products and excellent customer service. This shower unit features a push button Start/Stop function that allows you to quickly … Read more

Rymerce Ionic Shower Head Review

Summary The Rymerce Ionic Shower Head is one of the best shower heads at the moment – and for good reason. This ionic shower head is great as either a replacement or upgrade and can be used with any type of shower. This shower head is quite interesting and its concept is fairly new. It features both ionic and … Read more

Mira Vie Review

Summary Looking for an extremely affordable shower with great performance? Then the Mira Vie is just the shower you need. The Mira Vie is an excellent replacement shower as it is not only inexpensive, but also its flexible fittings make it really easy to install. In addition, it features advanced pressure stabilised temperature control which … Read more

Mira Jump Review

Summary The Mira Jump is a great replacement shower for any home, so much so that it made both our best electric shower and best Mira electric shower round ups! With multiple cable and water entry points, together with flexible fittings, installing this shower is super simple. In having separate temperature controls and a quick … Read more

Mira Jump Dual Review

Summary The Mira Jump Dual is the perfect shower for any home. With its multiple cable and water entry points, and flexible fittings, installing it is a cinch. Thanks to its separate temperature controls and push-button activation, you can design the perfect shower and replicate it daily with just the push of a button. In … Read more

Mira Minimal Review

Summary Looking for a super affordable shower with great temperature controls? The Mira Minimal has you covered. The Mira Minimal EV  is a great replacement shower as it is not only inexpensive, but also because it has so many great features. Now, this is a thermostatic mixer shower and so works differently than other regular … Read more

Mira Switch Review

Summary Looking for a great-looking shower head to go with your digital or mixer shower? Then look no further – the Mira Switch is the shower head you need. The Mira Switch is a 4-spray, award-winning shower head, that will boost the aesthetic of your bathroom or shower. In terms of spray patterns, this shower … Read more

Mira 360 Review

Summary The Mira 360 is a shower head is one of the best shower heads out there and certainly, one of the best Mira shower heads too. With its unique flip-stream technology, and 4 spray patterns, it is designed to help you create the perfect shower experience. Unlike most shower heads, in order to select … Read more

Mira Decor Dual Review

Check Price on Amazon Summary Chances are if you reading this article, you are wanting to find out more about the Mira Decor Dual. As the name suggests it features two shower heads, a 90mm handheld shower head and a luxurious 200mm deluge. Being one of their mid-range showers, it is not as expensive but … Read more

Mira Platinum Dual Review

Summary If you are looking for an excellent shower, this digital shower is exactly what you need. The Mira Platinum Dual Digital Shower will transform your shower room, while also providing you with an amazing shower experience.  The best thing about the Mira Platinum Dual is that you can control the shower completely wirelessly, using … Read more