What is a Digital Shower?

What is a Digital Shower?

Are you considering buying a digital shower but not actually sure what exactly a digital shower is?

In this post, we answer the question that many people are asking at the moment: what is a digital shower?

We will also explain how digital showers work, where they are suitable and more. Let’s get started.

A digital shower is a shower that can be controlled using digital means like a wireless or digital controller. They function similarly to mixer showers by blending water from both your hot and cold supply but have an internal digital thermostat that produces the perfect temperature, all done digitally.

Because of this digital control, the temperature is much more precisely managed as well, making digital showers even better than regular thermostatic showers.

How does a Digital Shower work?

As mentioned above, a digital shower usually has a digital or wireless controller that will activate the shower, alter the temperature and other smart features.

Most digital showers will feature a valve box or digital mixer valve, which is typically kept in the loft, under the bathtub, etc – usually within 10 metres of the shower.

The digital controller connects to this box to control the shower itself – whether via wire for basic digital showers or wirelessly with the more premium options out there.

Do I need a special shower head for a digital shower?

Technically the answer is no as a digital shower is just controlling the temperature and flow of the water, via the digital thermostat, before it gets to the shower head.

With that said, many of the top brands have digital shower heads or shower heads that can only be used with digital showers.

Mira, for example, have the 360 and the Switch, which are excellent shower heads, but can only be used with a digital shower.

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Where can Digital Showers be used?

Digital showers can be installed pretty much anywhere, with any heating system – as long as you have some kind of boiler or immersion heating in your home.

Digital showers are a popular choice for this reason and can even be used in homes with gravity-fed systems, often with low pressure.

Digital showers will not increase your water pressure though so if this is what you would like from a digital shower, your best bet would be to get a shower pump or to look into power showers.

Are Digital Showers expensive?

Digital showers can be quite costly, particularly as they are a lot more higher end than your everyday shower. Prices can vary quite a bit from £200 up to over £700 or so. This is quite a lot compared to say an electric shower which is extremely cheap – around £50 or more.

Who invented the digital shower?

According to Aqualisa, they were the company that invented the world’s first digital shower all the way back in 2001. This new design of shower revolutionised showering for everyone and included cutting-edge electrical components that adjusted the water temperature precisely and instantly.

Their unique concept of separating the water inlets from the power inlet is still used today by many of the top brands out there as they paved the way for digital showers.

What is the best digital shower?

As per our guide, we found the best digital shower to be the Mira Platinum Dual; you can both configure and power the shower on or off completely wirelessly with the digital controller (you can use up to 5 in your home), you get the Mira 360 plus a massive 250mm overhead deluge, digital thermostatic technology, the mixer valve is not on display, save and activate presets, warm-up mode, 5-year warranty, it was also featured on our best Mira digital showers list – and more!

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